Sleep for a few extra hours, have a little extra pizza, drink a little extra and watch two extra episodes of House MD. No, I wasn’t explaining how to celebrate the international extra day, this was how I spend my valentine day! Sad, isn’t it? No, really. Well, a bit you may say but there is a lot of upside too to not having a valentine around.

Instead of going to what those upsides are, I would like to use this post to comment on something related. I recently came across a Dilbert comic strip where he explained why his mobile was a better partner for him than a girlfriend. On the risk of exposing myself to singlehood for life, may I just say how true that was!! And obviously, being the self obsessed jerk that I am, I do love me. So why not pamper myself a bit? Recently I was looking for a new phone to buy and I was searching on some top websites for help in choosing the best one. That was the time when I came across the Asus Zenfone and Padfone, which reminded me of the Dilbert comic. It was exactly what I wanted, exactly what I wished for!

So here’s a reason why Asus Zenfone is my ideal valentine.

Let’s dive into it a little deeper. What do you want in your ideal valentine? Well my list would something like this; A strong character, an intelligent mind, good looks, loyalty and obviously, affordability. Now let me tell you exactly why I think the Asus is the right valentine for me.

  1. Strength:

Just like you need a strong partner to hold you when you’re down, the Asus zenfone comes with a hyper threading technology that helps running more programs at once and helping an efficient utilization of resources, therefore, making sure your phone won’t hang on you, ever! It will be there when you need it, once… and always. And just so you know, the case makes sure your Zenfone is physically strong and durable too!

  1. Intelligence:

Intel Atom Processor with hyper threading and a network supporting up to 42 Mbps. That’s not it, you also get a pixelmaster for great photos and an intelligent Zen UI to make your life simpler. Now tell me, isn’t that all you want with your valentine, a simpler life?

  1. Looks:

It definitely isn’t my first priority, but I’d love it if my valentine is hot! Who wouldn’t want to brag about his partner to his friends, right? Well, Asus got it covered too! Just taking a look at the Padfone mini I lost my heart, and the zenfone then put the final nail. I’ll let the looks speak for themselves.

Thank you NDTV Gadgets for the image.

Also, before you do the hefty comparisons, just look at how economical the whole range is! Which brings me to my fifth point. Well, after the fourth one of course.

  1. Loyalty:

Once you go with Asus, they don’t think they’re done. They’ll stick with you. You know how I know that? Well, apart from the experiences from so many friends of mine who were too satisfied with the Asus warranty policies, the fact that Asus products come with a 30 day replacement guarantee and a one year replacement warranty helped a lot. Who needs a loyal partner, I guess everyone!

  1. Affordability:

Most people don’t say it, but half of their salaries are spent in calling their better halves 24×7 and gifting them thousands of things on millions of occasions! With Asus zenfone, that problem is definitely not there! With such an affordable range, you actually save more money than you spend. Now instead of telling you about the prices and other specs, why don’t I take you to the portal so that you can check everything out yourself?

Check this out:

Also, before you go, don’t forget to watch the video

See that? I love me! 😀