If you compare the retail markets as we see today with what it used to be around two years back, you’ll see that there has been a revolutionary change in how the retailers sell and how the customers look at the products. A general Indian consumer two years ago was obsessed with brands and the trust factor while today he thinks more about the product and not the brand that’s behind it. I believe that’s the right way to go, but not in all the fields – particularly in the mobile phone markets.

As you must have seen a plethora of companies entering the Indian markets with tonnes of new phones with highly buffed specs and competitive prices, it becomes all the more difficult to make an informed choice. On one hand you see a phone with all the specs you needed and that too at a price less than you could imagine. On the other hand you have a comparatively expansive phone but with a brand-name that you have trusted for ages. It is understandable how you’ll get confused which way to go and probably end up regretting your decision.

This is the time when a little bit of research comes to your rescue. If you dig a little deeper in the markets, you’ll find that there is a wide range of Sony mobile phones with great features under the range of 10,000 INR. Now who wouldn’t prefer the same OS, a superb camera and the trust of Sony with it? It is quite evident that the customer today wants a better product and cares for his money more than ever. And these phones satisfy those exact needs. Personally, I’m an android fan, and I love to flaunt what I own. So it becomes an easy choice for me once I take a look at those beautiful phones.

Take a look at the beauties yourself!


There are hundreds of phones available that will eat up your pocket and still go out of fashion within a year or two. It is only intelligent to go for a phone that you like and save money along with it. While the aforementioned collection has all the phones you’d need to look at and make a choice to save some precious bucks, you have the trust of Sony attached when you make a purchase, so you know that you’re getting the best deal!