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Recently a friend of mine asked me to recommend a smartphone to him. Before he could tell me his requirements, I said Asus Zenfone 2. Well, I was too excited, but then I asked him to first tell me more about his budget and requirements from the phone. So he said he wanted something under 20,000, with the latest technology and a cool camera. So I said it again, go for the Asus Zenfone 2. And it makes sense; why would you spend so much in a phone when you can get the same or even better specs at such a less price? Gone are the days when there was just one brand and everything revolved around it. Today the customer wants the best, and there’s hundreds out there trying to provide that.

So why the Zenfone 2, you ask? Let me give you my reasons.

  1. Let’s begin with the first thing everybody looks for in a phone these days; The Processor. The Zenfone 2 comes in 2 models, and both have a Quad core processor, and trust me, it is what you need given the speed with which the app market in India is evolving. Almost all the online shopping, travel, banking companies want you to use their app. I think you’ll need a Quad core to handle all of that. Not to mention that it’s a 1.8 GHz processor, so even that 1.5 GB HD game of yours can be played seamlessly.
  2. Camera. With a 13 MP back and 5 MP front camera and 1080p Video recording, this phone is actually saving you a lot of money since you’ll probably not need to buy a digicam.
  3. Memory. Talking about the RAM, we got two models that offer 2 and 4 GB RAM. Yep, 4 GB, I’m not kidding. Not only is the Zenfone 2 the first such phone to offer this, it works like a charm. You can read the reviews yourself. And even for the ROM you have multiple options in 16/32/64 GB, not to mention the expandable memory that can add upto another 64 GB to your phone.
  4. Talking about the display, it’s a Corning Gorilla Glass 3, or what you may call the state of the art technology. A 5.5 Inch screen with a 403 ppi, trust me, you are looking at one of the finest screens in the category.
  5. Battery. It should’ve been the first point, but now that we’re here, how would you like your phone to have so many amazing features and still last for a whole day? It won’t sound so unreal when I tell you that this smartphone of yours is loaded with 3000 mAh battery. Even the best phones in this class offer a 2300 mAh. Oh, and it has a speed charging system, so the first 60% gets done in just 40 minutes… Sweet, isn’t it?
  6. With such a wide range of options available, it would be a shame if you can’t get the color of your choice. So let me make it easy for you with a picture.Too.Many.Options!!
  7. This is where most discussions of us Indians end, Price! So how much does it cost? Well, given the brand and looking at the features alone, I was expecting a big number at first. I mean, I have bought phones worth over 30000 that have less features than these. But here’s the good part, this range of Asus Zenfone 2 is available from 12,999 (2 GB Model) to 22,999 (4 GB Model). And if that doesn’t make you buy it right now, I don’t know what will!

Choosing a phone can be a tricky task. A phone stays with you for probably the longest time in a day compared to anything else and no matter what you use it for, it is one of the most important gadgets you own. In short, it just has to be the best. It’s a good thing that Asus has made it easier for you. Go make it your next phone. Good luck.

Today we live in a world that has more than 90 percent of its contents stored digitally. There’s over a billion websites on the internet, millions of softwares and billions of apps ready to make your life easier with a click. Or at least that’s what it looks like in the beginning. You’ll wonder how many people buy smartphones every day thinking that their lives will become easier and they’ll have more time to enjoy the things they like to do, and how many of them end up wasting more time in simply unlocking their phones and waiting for them to… well… unhang!

That’s right, when you choose a smartphone, you need to give it enough time so that you don’t have to spend too much time later on. Let it do the work for you. So where am I going with that? To be honest, this is about the latest Asus Zenfone 2 that I came across. I have been a fan of zenfone before too and with this one, Asus has given some real tough competition to its counterparts.

So how is the Zenfone 2 different from the rest? I can tell you why it is for me.

  1. Let me begin with saying, 4 GB. And no, I’m not talking about the internal storage memory, that’s the RAM I’m talking about. The zenfone breaks the stereotype of 2 and becomes the world’s first smartphone with 4 gb ram. So forget hanging of the phone, you have enough working memory to run a freaking autocad in there!
  2. In this phone they have put in what they call the Asus Special Technology. Now I don’t know what that is technically, but I do know that it will charge my phone to 60% in 39 minutes. That’s like less than the time it takes me to watch a Game of Thrones episode! So isn’t that amazing?
  3. Now I personally believe a good phone is incomplete without an awesome camera! So asus has got that covered for you with a very decent camera with a zero shutter lag and a superb 2 pixel master quality. And that my friend, can take HD photos of a running cheetah to be framed for your largest wall. Get the drift?
  1. One more way in which the zenfone 2 redefines my smartphone experience is the UI. Having seen its reviews, one thing everybody agrees on to is the superb and easy UI that gives you the most output with a minimal design. No flowers to distract you there!
  1. Am I supposed to stop with 5? Coz I could go on and on and on. Anyway, the last one here would be a package. The Quad core intel atom processor, the stylish night mode and the amazing way you can accessorize your phone, they all make it worth it. And above all, the price. Can you believe you’re getting all that in almost half the price anyone would pay for such a beauty?

I’m sure you’re in love already, go check the phone out here : http://www.asus.com/Phones/ZenFone_2_ZE551ML/

All the best!

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