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A lot of things happen as we grow up from a kid to a responsible adult, and a few of those are supposed to be good too. We learn to interact with the world, learn to control our emotions and slowly grow up to take responsibilities of things around us. All this sounds good, but I do miss one thing very badly, the ability to laugh at the smallest of the things, the state of no boundaries. And that’s true, a little kid doesn’t know what’s right or what’s wrong, they’re as innocent as it gets and their ability to express themselves is something us grown-ups can only envy. Talking about my little nephew, although many little things make him happy, he happens to be selective with what to laugh at. After all a baby’s laughter is the most precious thing for a mother, so why should he make her thing it is easy to get!

To list a few things that make him happy is a tough job, you can never be certain that he’ll give you the pleasure of seeing him smile for the same thing again. But still, there’s always something that will make him laugh. The ceiling fan tops the list in our case. Unlike most parents who entertain their kids with lullabies and songs, my sister and brother-in-law use the ceiling fan to make him concentrate. The kid not only loves it, he literally gets lost in it. And that’s just a first in the list of weird things this kid loves. There’s also the smartphone, but not just any smart phone, the note II ! If it’s a normal galaxy, he might just throw it away, but my note and he have a special bonding. I am yet to experiment with the i-phone though.  Now before this post goes on to prove that my nephew is just as weird and crazy as me, I’d like to throw some light on the normal things he loves. The first one in that will be the poem “Old McDonald had a farm” As much as I hated poems when I was a kid, he happens to forget everything else when we play this little one on the phone.

And oh, there’s one more thing. The batman t-shirt, one thing that certainly makes me a proud uncle. He isn’t choosy about his clothes yet, he’s not 18 now, is he! But he does convey his content with his expressions and the kind of smile he has when we show his the batman t-shirt tells me a lot about him. Don’t I have a cool nephew? There’s always a plethora of things your kid will like, but all of it will work only when he’s comfortable and fit. Thanks to my sister’s months of research now I also happen to be quite knowledgeable when it comes to keeping a baby happy. And take it from me, a good diaper is the first step to that. I could tell you how awesome Pampers is when it comes to that but you might want to know that yourself. So check this out:  http://www.rewardme.in/tag/Pampers

Do tell me what makes your baby happy. We could get them a playdate! 😀
PS: Do watch this video to know more 🙂

What does it take to build a house? The obvious answer would be construction material, well, almost. But what does it take to build a home? Are those two the same things? Of course not. To build a home, you need a happy family, a place where everyone feels like, well, home. For me, a happy family is never complete without a happy child. How many times have you seen hysterically laughing parents when their kids were sick. I don’t think you’d recollect even one such moment. This is because a child is the breath of the family. If he’s in trouble, so is everyone else. A happy child means a happy family.

So what was all of that there for? Because I wanted to put forward a simple point, that if there is a child in a home, the first and the foremost priority of everyone in that family becomes that child. Simple as that. And what are the things that children love? For me it was mostly playing and eating. These days I hear they love the Gangnam style too. But all of this can be done only if the kid is healthy. So in short, a healthy child is the key to a family’s happiness. Stay with me and we’ll probably short it all out on one smile of your kid. Kidding… maybe not.

Recently I came across this advertisement by Dabur Chyawanprash where it was told how it is able to protect yourself against diseases three times more than ever. I could have laughed it off just like I do with most other adverts but I didn’t, reason being I personally have experienced the magic this little solution has on people. Dabur Chyawanprash is not just a product that you can eat, it’s practically an ayurvedic medicine that helps you improve your immunity. When I was 7, falling ill was like my favorite passtime, right after spilling milk and breaking glass plates at home. Only that the former wasn’t under my control. I still remember having Dabur Chyawanprash for the first time. It was a simple bottle with a sage on front of it. Tangy taste, I loved it. My parents were happy because finally our tastes matched somewhere. Although I was the only kid, my whole family was having it and we could totally see the results. I won’t say I stopped getting sick, but there was a considerable improvement in my condition. I could see myself going out in the cold without worrying that I’ll sneeze for the next three hours.

For me, Dabur Chyawanprash was the thing I needed. For your kid too, this is one thing he needs to have. For his health, for his smile, for your smile. After all, a healthy child is a happy child, don’t you think?

You should check this link out if my words weren’t enough to get you going, although I don’t see the reason why. https://www.liveveda.com/daburchyawanprash

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