They say that the first impression is the last impression. And no matter how many variations of this phrase you’ve heard, it stays true in every sense. And a major part of that first impression is decided by the outfit you wear. In my opinion, everyone has his own style and that is what sets him apart from the crowd. So it is only logical at my part to not understand how we can all just go to the mall and choose a shirt or trouser from a collection that’s more or less the same! It’s the uniqueness that matters, and that’s why many people used to have their personal tailors, some still do, but in today’s busy lives, who has time to go out for that.

Behold, in comes Stylior! Stylior is your personal bespoke online fashion studio. All I knew before I visited the website was that we can customize our outfits, but when I logged in, I realized that it was much more than that.


Stylior is like your personal fitting expert, just better. Given my lean built and yet an exceptionally tall stature, I find it quite difficult to find Suits and Shirts that fit me. But at stylior, I had the option to customize as per my needs. There was a 3D designer to view my creation in real time and know exactly what I’m getting.

And this is not it, you not only get the color and fit of your choice, you can also design it the way you want. And now think about all of that, combined with a great quality of fabric, a guaranteed fitting, free global delivery, and the finest quality infrastructure to provide the most affordable product… if that’s not the product that fits all your needs, trust me, there’s nothing better than this.


The brand plans offline stores too, which will basically add to the richness of the experience. So no matter what you need, may it be a shirt or a trouser, a suit or any kind of accessory, like a bag or footwear, Stylior has it all. And I’m sure that once you visit it, it will become your first choice for all your clothing needs.

PS: Check this out for more information!