Elon musk, the name needs no introduction. Even if you haven’t heard of the man himself, I’m pretty sure you know about the many things he has gifted to the mankind, like SpaceX, Tesla or Paypal.

Now those of you who don’t know him might think, why an article about the man? There are plenty of people who’ve founded companies, right? Well, yes. But this man has done something that most people cannot think of in a lifetime. Let me introduce him to you.

Musk was born in 1971 in South Africa. He had entrepreneurial qualities developed in him at a very early age and he founded and sold his first startup at the age of 26. Even when Musk was 12, he had taught himself how to code and was able to create and sell a gaming software. Musk is a Stanford dropout who later founded successful companies like SpaceX and Tesla Motors, while the former is credited with sending the first commercial vehicle to international Space Station, the latter is known for its innovation in the world of solar powered and battery run cars.

In his personal life, Musk has always been a modest and low profile person who has never been in controversies. His political stance is ‘half democrat and half republican’. Musk is quite known for his belief in extraterrestrial life and his ambition of inhabiting mars. Musk is also a signatory of giving pledge where he will donate his holdings in his companies when the time comes.

Elon Musk is considered one of the visionaries who will be responsible for bringing upon a big change in the world, much like Steve Jobs, in an even larger front perhaps. Now this is a debatable point, but the reason I say this is that I believe solar energy and related science has been and will be one of the key reasons for our development.

Elon Musk, a man who could own the business world and made tons of money, decided to do it for the betterment of mankind, a man with wit, a man who prefers working 24 hours a day if that’s what it takes to solve a problem, he is definitely the kind of man one should take an inspiration from.

Image courtesy: BusinessInsider.

So there should be no doubt when I say that Mr. Musk is kind of like Iron man, a superhero whose movie he had an appearance in. Just like the famous Tony Stark, Musk is a genius, philanthropist who is trying to save the world. But why call him iron man when we have our own word to call him. I call him Mr. Fantastico, someone who is amazing in all prospects, much like the Tata Zica, an affordably amazing car with the latest tech for you to drool on.

So, who is your Mr. (Or Ms.) Fantastico? Do share your opinions with me, and stay tuned for more! 🙂

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