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Gone are the days when good mileage was all one needed before deciding which car to buy. Today it is also about the style, the endurance, the design, and obviously, the mileage. Everybody has his own wishes when it comes to buy his dream car and the effort that goes behind which car to buy can only be imagined. Undoubtedly, this is one decision that requires a lot of resources and cannot be taken in a jiffy and personally, I would go for a car that gives me the comfort that I need along with the required style and not to mention, it goes easy on my pocket.

So what is a solution to all of that? Well, one answer to that would be the all new Datsun Go! A car that is a full package. Don’t believe me? Take a look yourself.


While reading this link, if it felt like you’re reading about a car from a parallel universe or the future, don’t worry, that’s normal. With a fully loaded feature pack, this car is one of the topmost choice for people like me. My top 3 favorite features were:

  1. The intelligent wiper system. With simply no need of manually adjusting the wipers, this feature saves crucial efforts and time and keeps you focused on the driving without having to worry about the view or those last few drops of water on the windscreen.


  1. The mobile docking station. I mean, what else you need when all the technology and all the latest apps are travelling with you and your car is actually making sure that you don’t have to worry about losing your gadgets.


  1. The low fatigue seat design. This is by far the smartest and my favorite feature of this car, which is elegant yet so simple that it makes me think why others not thought about it sooner! The low fatigue design on the front seats provides better support to the pelvis and chest areas so that you can sit conveniently and stay refreshed during long drives. And what is a car without a long drive!


There is a lot more in the Datsun Go. Like the 360 degree Air Conditioning vents, the follow me home light system and the noise reduction technology for the cabin, making sure that the ride is as smooth as it gets. Add that to a 1.2 L engine and a 20.6 kmpl mileage, and you have yourself a winner. And this is all coming to you at prices as cheap as 3,25,000+ (Delhi ex-showroom price for Datsun Go. Prices may vary depending on the city and the model).

They’ve put it just the right way: Fun. Freedom. Confidence. The ultimate Urban Cross – Datsun redi-GO – the capability of a crossover with the convenience of a hatchback.

If you still have any doubts left about your new car, trust me on this and go for the Datson Go before it runs out of stock. And to remove that last iota of doubt from your mind, here’s a sweet pic to get you going 😀

The peppy in everything.

This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can  apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.

And the word for this post is, Peppy! As I have already given you a guide to being peppy in one of my previous posts, let’s talk about the people who have already achieved it. And just to refresh your memory, being peppy is all about being lively and cheerful.

Here’s my list of the peppiest people I have seen in different fields.


Apart from the strength and sporting spirit, liveliness is one more essential requirement of the game. And once you look at these guys, you’ll understand why.

My first pick for this is Chris Gayle.

150388 Courtesy: Indiatimes.

Not only does he know how to hit every ball out of the park, his signature dance moves are an attraction for everybody.

Next up is Ashwini Ponappa. 900x1358xashwini-ponnappa-hot-cute-photos-20-pics-from-instagram-twitter-facebook-1-pagespeed-ic-mw-qh6ny1l

Courtesy: Reckontalk.

This badminton champ from India sure knows how to keep the field alive with her style!

Movies and TV:

One of the foremost requirements of the glam industry is peppiness, and there’s no doubt that everyone has a bit of it.

But my favorite in this category is Neil Pattrick Harris.

body-19 Courtesy: Spylight.

The man is a magician, writer, singer and actor and what not! It’s his wits and craziness that keeps the sets lively.

Another favorite of mine for this is Matthew Perry, or as we know him, Chandler Bing!


Courtesy: Friends Wiki.

Perry was not only famous for playing the funniest character on the show FRIENDS, he was also quite known for his activities off the camera, which included not letting the costars complete the shoot without a laugh!


Unlike other fields, this one has no competition in my opinion. Candice Swanepoel takes the edge by a margin here.


She’s the kind of woman who makes the photoshoots fun and amazing. And looking at her, you tell me, who wouldn’t want to be a part of that photoshoot!


Although being a successful businessman requires you to show the kind of composure that is uncanny, but still there are people who manage to steal the show. One such man is Elon Musk. Unlike his counterparts, Elon is quite a cheerful guy who can take a joke. And his appearance in the Big Bang theory and his ice bucket challenge is kind of a proof to that. Look at it yourself.


Courtesy: Imgur.


There are so many people who can be amazing at what they do and one of the secrets to their success is their chirpy attitude. While being Peppy is not a necessity, it does add as flavor to your personality. Like the Tata Zica, which is like the peppiest car right now! Check it out yourself if you don’t believe me. http://madeofgreat.tatamotors.com/tata-zica-social-center

This list has many more amazing people, as the world is filled with peppiness. I’ll probably continue this list in one more blogpost, stay tuned!

The impact of navigation

Navigation. I cannot be more certain that the first thing that this word brought to your mind is GPS, or maps, the app that has been a pillar of support for so many of our new technologies. While apple maps continue to rule the world of tech when it comes to the number of people navigating through it, my personal experiences have mostly been with Google maps. But I won’t be talking about a specific app here, but the technology in general.

When I first heard about the all new Tata Zica and its cool and attractive navigation features, apart from developing my instant liking for the car, I kept thinking about my first few days when I moved to a new city. That’s the time I couldn’t afford a car (Not that I can right now either), and the rental cabs weren’t too popular. I still remember using maps in my phone for every small place I had to go to. And being a guy who’d lived in the same city for over 15 years before finally moving to a new one for the first time in his life, this was quite an experience for me. And I’m glad that it was a good one.

Using the navigation feature in my phone, I was able to travel anywhere in the city, find a perfect place to live, explore the best hangout joints and find everything I needed around me, may it be a restaurant or an ATM or even a police station… well… once. And today, when I look at it, I can only imagine the amazing levels at which this GPS technology is helping us. The impact of the navigation technology in this world is simply breathtaking. Have you ever travelled in a cab in the last one year, or ordered food online, or maybe some groceries? Trust me, the navigation feature embedded in every one of those apps had a big role to play while getting you or your stuff to the desired destination. Even if you aren’t the online ordering kind of person, I’m sure you watch the weather forecast or have travelled sometime in an Airplane. Well, that’s probably the biggest application this navigation feature could have, not to mention its necessity in the defense sector.

This would be the time when I tell you about the day to day use of navigation that we make, in the Tata Zica for instance, where you get a turn by turn guidance thanks to the awesome navigation feature. But I guess you already know that. So here’s to the amazing technology that is easing up our lives faster than we can imagine. And here’s to the great impact the navigation feature has had on all of us. Cheers!

This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can  apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.

When I saw the word ‘Impact’ for the TataZicaMarathon, I knew exactly what I had to write about. It’s the impact of the one thing none of us can probably live without, the Internet. We live in a nation that accommodates over 1.2 billion people… and that is… a lot! So we are bound to have multiple languages, multiple cultures, multiple cuisines and most of all, multiple opinions. No matter if it’s politics or sports or any other random topic, you can always find a million different opinions and viewpoints that differ enough with each other to start a civil war.

And one such hot debate was recently sparked over net neutrality. And it reached, or should I say is currently at, its pinnacle after Facebook announcing the Freebasics. Now I’m not going to tell you my views on this matter, and neither am I going to put forward more stats for you to wonder, but one thing this whole controversy told us was how our whole internet community can come together if it’s for something that affects all of us.

The same people who had been calling each other names over petty political matters, the same people who didn’t agree with each other over matters like which Football club is better, were all standing together against the internet giant because they didn’t want partiality when it comes to the internet. Millions of emails were sent, thousands of petitions launched, and all this was done in a matter of weeks to make sure that they listen to us.

Again, I’d not say who was write in this matter, the public, or Facebook or the government, but one thing is for sure, the public used the internet, to save the internet. It was social media that brought us all together to make sure that something which a majority of us doesn’t want or isn’t okay with, shouldn’t happen.

I’m sure this matter is multilayered and will have a lot of twists and turns before it comes to a conclusion, but the lesson it taught us was the impact of the internet and how important a tool it has become for us. There is a lot of technology we’re yet to uncover, yet to explore, there’s so much that we’ll see in the coming ages… but this gift in the form of internet is like the gift our mankind got when we discovered Fire, or invented the wheel. It is needless to say that the internet is the most widely used mode of communication today, and it beats the rest by a wide margin.

But as they say, with great power comes great responsibility. So let’s all use the internet as a strength, but not exploit it, shall we? 🙂

This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can  apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.

It’s 6 AM, I switch off the alarm before it could beep and wake up in a fresh mood, ready to take on the world with my amazing smile.

Wait… that didn’t sound anything like a usual morning for any of us now, did it?

Let’s try again:

It is 8 already; the alarm has snoozed four times before giving up on me. I still feel sleepy but I have to wake up to go to that damn job. And do all those chores I don’t want to.

Well, that was pretty much all of us.

So what does it take to switch from the previous description to the first one? What do all these cheerful people do to wake up so early and stay energized and fresh all the time? Trust me, I’m not going to give you a self help guide here, I’m just going to share a mantra to make your mornings something you look forward to.

I believe in that age old mantra of early to bed and early to rise. So those of you who sleep before 11, have a way better chance of waking up at 7. (Did that rhyme?)

Once you got that covered, you need to make a target. Targets work great on human mind. Once you have something important to do the next day, the morning will be really important.

Next is music, start your mornings with some peppy music, preferably with beats, so that your mind will gain that required momentum to keep you awake and away from slumber.

And last, but not the least, make sure your morning activities make you fresh enough to you know, take on the world. This is where your toothpaste comes into the scene, since this is one thing you use daily and it simply is a very important part of your routine, so make sure there is no compromise made on that front. And the Colgate 360 Gold is your best bet when it comes to all round cleaning and a fresh feeling. (Did that rhyme again?)



So once you have a great start to the day, you can definitely call it a great morning, or wait, a Gold Morning, right? So go ahead, enjoy the experience of #Colgate360GoldMornings .

Make sure you visit https://www.facebook.com/ColgateIndia to stay updated and have even more Golden mornings!

This is coming from my personal experience, that if you have a good start to the day, the rest of the day will automatically be great. And there is no wonder in the fact that a good brushing partner like Colgate 360 Gold can do wonders to your start of the day. Combine that with good music and a great breakfast, you’ve got yourself a winner! So go ahead, try it today. 🙂

I’ve kind of a sweet tooth, or as my mother puts it, “I’d rather spend my life packed in a box of sweets than live without one”. And in my defense, this is only because of the amazing sweets that she makes at home. I’d any day prefer a homemade dessert over the ones we buy from the sweet shops. And for a long time I’ve seen my mom trying to explain her recipe to so many people who later mostly unsuccessfully attempt it. So when Indiblogger and Sugarfree Natura came up with the Sugar Free Dessert Challenge, I just had to share my mother’s amazing Five Star recipe with all of you.


So, what’s so special about this sweet? Well, it contains the essential nutrients and is pretty easy on the stomach, not to mention the added goodness of Sugarfree Natura will give it an edge over any other dessert. So without further ado, let me tell you the recipe of the “5 star barfi” directly from my mom’s kitchen.


Gram Flour (Besan) 1 Cup.
Milk 1 Cup.
Coconut Powder (Nariyal Boora) 1 Cup.
Ghee (Desi) 1 Cup.
Sugar Free Natura Diet Sugar ¾ Cup
Almonds, Raisins, Cashew. 1 Tablespoon each.


Before I begin, let me tell you that this is probably one of the easiest Dessert recipes that you’ll come across, given that even I can make it. This is also one of the tastiest things you’ll eat once it is ready.

  1. First of all, take a big frying pan, and pour half of the Ghee in it and heat it on a medium flame.
  2. Once the Ghee has melted and become hot enough, put the Gram flour and coconut powder and milk in it and start stirring it.
  3. Make sure that you don’t let any lumps form, once the mixture become homogenous, pour the remaining Ghee in it.
  4. Keep stirring. And now put the Sugarfree Natura Diet Sugar and half of the dry fruits, mix it thoroughly.
  5. Remember, do not let the lumps form, which is an important part of making any sweet. Heat the mixture till it starts getting a very light shade of brown, keep stirring the whole time to make sure the heating is uniform.
  6. Once the mixture starts solidifying, that’s your cue to lower the flame, give it 5 minutes and then take it out on a large dish.
  7. Now garnish it with the remaining dry fruits and Kesar leaves, or anything else, use your imagination. Let it settle for around an hour.
  8. Once the mixture has settles and become solid, touch it with your finger to see if there’s still any softness remaining. If it doesn’t stick to your finger, it’s time to give the ‘Barfi’ the shape you want. Cut it with a kitchen knife and you have the world’s best homemade mithai with you!

For Sugar Free Natura powder concentrate users please use 37½ measures of the special spoon provided in the pack.

And yes, this dessert contains Ghee, making it pretty digestive and nutritious, and it can be stored in a cool and dry place for up to a week and will stay fit for consumption.

Did I not tell you how it looks once it’s done? Well, you’ve got to see this!


The authentic “5 star” barfi.


So, wasn’t it amazing? There’s so much more that you could do with SugarFree Natura. Do check out http://sugarfree-india.com/ for more.

Do tell me if you liked it, and I’ll tell you the delicious homemade cake recipe next! 🙂

Do you remember the childhood days, when we used to wake up, read the newspaper, go to school, play, study and come back and sleep like a baby? Now-a-days too we do almost similar stuff, just that we wake up because of our smartphones’ alarm, read news on our phone, work on our computers, play games on the laptop, do all kinds of readings on Kindle and tabs, and not to mention, feel difficulty in falling asleep because of all the headache this screen gave us. No wonder the world wants to go back to the old days, but simply can’t afford to.

And in my opinion, one other thing this invasion of smartphones in our lives has done is to make us forget the people we used to be close to, we used to love. Not that we don’t love them anymore, just that this entire social media concept gives us a vague feeling of being connected, and ends up taking us apart from those we need to stay close to!

So what does one do to get rid of that? What is ‘Togetherness’ after all? I believe the answer to this lies in the core values we’ve received right from our childhood.

For me, real togetherness is being able to have the morning tea with my family and have a laugh together on our horoscopes!

Real togetherness is going on a family trip with no phones to disturb us and no computers to distract us.

Real togetherness is remembering each other’s birthdays, without Facebook or a calendar.

Real togetherness is sharing that pizza with 8 pieces among 7 friends… And fighting for the last piece!

Real togetherness is attending a rock concert together with your buddies, and actually enjoying the performance without recording it on our phones!

Real togetherness is feeling that grass beneath your feet and rain drops on your face, and that feeling of bliss no number of megapixels on your camera could ever capture.

For me it’s all about being able to see and appreciate what nature has to offer us, being able to love the people that deserve it the most and being able to realize that technology is to make our lives easier and not to enslave us. We’re so lost in these advancements that we seem to be forgetting the basic things that make us happy. And while Kissanpur has used this approach to remind you of what you’re missing in this world, I used my approach through this blog. It kind of seems ironic that you’ll be reading this on your PC/Phones! So let me make this small request, once you’re done with this article, please check out this website http://www.kissanpur.com/ and then this awesome video. And once you realize what you’re missing, shut down the screen and wake up to life. Happy living 🙂

Busy lives, busy people, too much work, lack of sleep… There are a thousand things that keep us away from a ‘Healthy lifestyle’. Not to mention that our definition of a healthy lifestyle keeps changing with time. While a good night’s sleep and an early morning Yoga was a necessity for most, times brought us to think that a normal workout at any point of day is enough, which has now changed to a question “Do you at least take a small walk in your whole day?”. We’re all becoming couch potatoes, some by chance and some by choice. But the good part is, many of us realize it sooner or later and involve exercise in their daily routine, which is one of the most important things. But at the same time, we forget another most important thing to take care of, the diet.

It isn’t a matter of worry for lean people like me, but trust me on this, I’ve seen my share of fat people and how they plan to manage that weight. The worst part about all this is how people cope up with their weight and the corresponding diet plans. The lean ones plan on eating a lot and the fat ones, nothing. There’s crash diets too, and I don’t even have to go in details for that… just read the basic dictionary meaning of this thing. “A weight-loss diet undertaken on an urgent, short-term basis with the aim of achieving very rapid results”. Now how can someone expect a lot of good out of something that gives ‘rapid results’, of course there’s going to be some bad effects of that. And what are they? Well, fatigue, restlessness, lack of energy, mineral deficiencies to begin with, which later leads to problems like high blood pressure, heart issues, Diabetes and many more. So much for losing weight huh!

So what is it that you should do? Is there something one could take, a schedule one could follow to have nothing but positive results? Well, regardless of your body shape, weight, gender or age, there are so many things that have been recommended by many generations. A good schedule that includes 8 hours of sleep, light exercise, a balanced diet and yoga, this is something everybody should do. And when I say balanced, I’m not saying eat anything, but eat the stuff that’s good for your body. Trust the experts; Dabur, for example, is one of the leading brands that provide you the best of products for a good health. And Dabur honey, is one of the best products that I have come across that you should have regularly for a body in shape. And not just the 1 teaspoon in the morning style that most people recommend, but you can’t imagine how good a Honey Diet can be for you.

Honey is a natural source that acts as a substitute to sugar, helps you in weight management and provides you enough vitamins and minerals for a beautiful skin and voice. Not to mention that it is very light on the stomach and helps in a better digestion. Now imagine replacing your regular fruit salad with the awesome Honey fruit salad. Or having the wholesome Honey chilli cauliflower for snacks. A honey diet will help you enjoy the smoothies and shakes you deserve in a summer season but not let you gain those extra pounds you were afraid of. And as a bonus, it will help you in maintaining a great health!!

Then why those crash diets when you can have the real goodness of honey and eat what you want? Feel like it? Check out http://www.daburhoney.com/ and go ahead with your honey diet today!

This has always been the rule of the world; the most important things are almost always the most overlooked! May that be the air we breathe, the food we eat or our own body that enables us to do that all, we take it all for granted. Same goes for one of the most important and the largest organ of our body, our Skin. For most people, especially the working professionals, the daily bath is probably the only care taking action when it comes to the skin. And mostly we don’t even bother about the small pimples or marks that become a problem all of a sudden when we get an invitation to a party! So what if I were to tell you by giving a mere 5 minutes to your skin each day, you could keep it glowing and radiant? Sounds awesome, doesn’t it? After all, it deserves that much.

Being a guy, I’m not much familiar to the techniques to keep the skin healthy apart from using a good quality Face cream and Facewash. But if my sister has taught me the one thing, it is how to take the best care of your skin without too many efforts. And let me tell you, none of it is artificial. Most of the methods she taught me were natural and recommended in the Ayurvedic Sciences itself.

The first one that I remember was Aloevera. It is a desert plant that can easily be grown at home and is also available in different forms in the markets. The paste of aloevera leaf pulp is something that can get rid of all your pimples and blackheads for you! And the best part, it is as natural as it gets. No mixtures required, just take a leaf, peel it and apply the pulp on your skin.

One more was Neem. We all know about the cleansing qualities of Neem. Now a simple application of Neem powder mixed with a little water can get your skin glowing and fresh.

Of course all that is not pretty useful if you don’t do that very basic things like Washing your face the first thing when you wake up, cleaning it properly once you’re back from somewhere outside and washing it at least four times in a day. And you know what, apart from Neem and Aloe Vera, there is one more amazing natural ingredient that can help your skin glow; turmeric. I’m sure you know about it, after all this is the thing every bride applies to her face before her marriage, and we all know that’s the time any woman looks the most beautiful in her life.

So how about I tell you about a solution to all your skin problems in form of turmeric? Sounds awesome, right? And it’s true. The well-known VICCO Turmeric is now available to solve all your skin related problems so that you can come closer to a bright and glowing, radiant skin without pimples or blackheads. And since we’ve all known VICCO since we were kids, why do I need to tell you more about it, I’d rather have you check it yourself! Take a look: VICCO Turmeric Cream (http://www.viccolabs.com/product-turmeric-cream-with-foam-base.php)

And take a look at this video they made for you 🙂

With a great life comes great responsibility! Or maybe something like that, I might not remember the saying but I do know that I have a lot of responsibilities. And when you have targets that are big, small things shouldn’t take up much time of yours. So with this way of thinking, it was obvious that I hate it when I have to remember what recharges to do on my numbers, which is the best plan of the thousands that are there and to make sure I don’t spend too much on this. But thankfully, there are apps to make your life easier. Or at least that’s what I used to think till I got tired of the numerous apps and there notifications. So to put an end to all that I downloaded the MyAirtel app. And let me tell you that this is one app you need to have if you have an Airtel connection.

Let me tell you about a few things I liked, the three best features that suit my lifestyle. I’m an IT guy who likes to stay connected to the web all the time and needs to make long calls to get things done. So primarily I look for something that offers me faster and cheaper data and well suited plans for my talktime. Good thing that Airtel gave me my first recharge for free when I downloaded the app!

  1. The first thing I liked the most about the app was amalgamation of all the airtel services in one app. So it doesn’t matter if you’re looking for DTH or Internet or your bill payment for telephone connection, this app will do that. It saves me the hassle of going to different websites to pay the bills and wait for offers that are good for nothing.

  1. That’s two features I’m talking about. One, the fact that I can store my favorite tasks as favorites and quickly access them. And another that I can easily set alerts so I don’t have to remember the next time I need to get a recharge done.

Airtel favorites

Airtel favorites 2

Oh, and another that whenever I make a transaction, I get free stuff! Yes! There are airtel surprises no matter what you do on the app. I was just not sure which feature is better so I called it a tie.

  1. The app only offers. It feels good when you’re rewarded for something and the app only offers do exactly that. Offers like free data and extra talktime make every transaction on the MyAirtel app a rewarding experience.

There are many more amazing features in the app, like the control features and customisation options for both your mobile and dish TV, you’ll know once you install it in your phones from here. Find out the link which is suited for your phone.  http://www.airtel.in/myairtel. Airtel is one of the best service providers in the country and this will definitely help us get a better experience from it.

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