I’m a 24-year-old IT professional. We’re the kind of people who work 8 hours a day and complain about it for the remaining 16 hours. Well, I was kidding, but only about the first part, I was absolutely truthful in the beginning. And you know what’s common between almost every young professional? The new excitement of making it on his own, the new power and responsibilities. It can be taxing sometimes, but it feels good most of the other times.

So why this post? It’s to tell you about the importance of self-reliance, and money management. I remember, unlike most of the people who spend their first few months of salaries partying and hanging out, I sent some of the money home and used the rest to buy myself and others a decent health and life insurance cover. “You’re just 24, and the company already gets you a life insurance! You don’t need it!” Most of my friends told me that, but they knew little in front of what I had learnt in the past 24 years of my life.

My parents have always been the cool kind, the kind of people who never stopped from doing anything in my life, so it can be fairly assumed that they’d not have felt bad even I had spent the money in partying out! And that’s not wrong either. But still I choose to do the aforementioned. And here’s why; I believe that life is the most precious belonging one can have, and the purpose of life is to succeed. Now everyone has his own definition of success, and mine is to make sure that I should be able to fulfill every expectation that my family has of me. I’ve learned this from my parents of course, specially my father.

I belong to a middle class family, so perks like ACs, large bedrooms were all alien to us. But still I never felt that I was missing on anything. I remember how my father always told me the importance of knowledge over anything else. One thing I learned from him was the importance of making it on your own and being self-dependent. Although we couldn’t afford things like a luxury car, he was never worried about my education or our future. He always seemed so sure. I never understood the concepts of insurance or things like that then, but he made me learn all of them slowly. When I was in college, he told me once about how a health insurance is one of the most important investments he made. It took me some time, but I realized that even with little funds how he was so confident about the future. And I made a promise to myself, no matter how much money I make and what I do, I’ll never let that be a constraint for me or my family.

Today, I consider myself an above average earning person. But that’s not what I’m proud of. I’m proud of the fact that even if something were to happen to me the next moment, my family will not be in a danger financially. I plan my investments and just like my parents taught me, I am confident about the future.

And that’s one advice I’d give to everyone out there. There’s so much you could do with what you earn, but the small such decisions you make today, will affect your future tomorrow.

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Good luck 🙂