Sports and Music are two things that don’t directly run the world, but the world won’t be able to function without them. Not only are both of these fields essential for one’s entertainment, the sheer amount of money that is involved in today’s sports and music makes these two essential for any economy and a great option for career. It is quite obvious that both require an exceptional talent to succeed. I have talked about music in quite a number of posts before, so this post will be about sports, and Football, more specifically.

Can you imagine a turnover of over 400 million dollars, half of which is being paid as salaries, and the highest earner takes home a million and a half pounds every month. And that’s just the start, the earnings from merchandise and other rights haven’t even been taken into account. And I’m not talking about some industry or big company, these are a year old stats of the Football club Manchester United. And Man Utd is only the third most valuable club in the world, the top two spots are taken by Real Madrid and Barcelona. All these three clubs (Barca, RM, MU) are being valued at over 3 billion USD and have three of the highest paid players in the world, Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Wayne Rooney.

Going by the figures, you can imagine the impact of Football in the economy of these countries. The home stadiums of these three teams have capacities of over 75,000, most of which is always occupied thanks to their star players’ fame. Lionel Messi, who also happens to be the brand ambassador for Tata Zica’s #MadeOfGreat campaign, also tops the charts when it comes to most T-Shirts being sold with a player name, which goes on to show the man’s talent and fame. After all, you don’t win 5 Ballon D’Ors for nothing!

Image Courtesy: MadeOfGreat Website by Tata Motors.

Football is game of strength, agility, and control, and is played in almost 200 countries and has undoubtedly the most fans across the world. With the 2014 Football world cup being viewed by over 3 billion people over the world, which is almost half of world’s population, the impact of this game is incomparable. With amazing talents like Messi, Ronaldo, Rooney, Neymar and the likes, and the classic veterans like Zidane, Pele, Maradona and Muller, the game of Football is no less than a legacy that keeps on getting bigger. The game has style, speed and freshness, something that everybody likes, and something that makes this game Fantastico!

Do you think this is the best game there could ever be? Or you have something else in mind. I’m sure you’ll agree to some of the points that I made, if not all. Do tell me your views about it, and which game has the best impact in your opinion.

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