This has always been the rule of the world; the most important things are almost always the most overlooked! May that be the air we breathe, the food we eat or our own body that enables us to do that all, we take it all for granted. Same goes for one of the most important and the largest organ of our body, our Skin. For most people, especially the working professionals, the daily bath is probably the only care taking action when it comes to the skin. And mostly we don’t even bother about the small pimples or marks that become a problem all of a sudden when we get an invitation to a party! So what if I were to tell you by giving a mere 5 minutes to your skin each day, you could keep it glowing and radiant? Sounds awesome, doesn’t it? After all, it deserves that much.

Being a guy, I’m not much familiar to the techniques to keep the skin healthy apart from using a good quality Face cream and Facewash. But if my sister has taught me the one thing, it is how to take the best care of your skin without too many efforts. And let me tell you, none of it is artificial. Most of the methods she taught me were natural and recommended in the Ayurvedic Sciences itself.

The first one that I remember was Aloevera. It is a desert plant that can easily be grown at home and is also available in different forms in the markets. The paste of aloevera leaf pulp is something that can get rid of all your pimples and blackheads for you! And the best part, it is as natural as it gets. No mixtures required, just take a leaf, peel it and apply the pulp on your skin.

One more was Neem. We all know about the cleansing qualities of Neem. Now a simple application of Neem powder mixed with a little water can get your skin glowing and fresh.

Of course all that is not pretty useful if you don’t do that very basic things like Washing your face the first thing when you wake up, cleaning it properly once you’re back from somewhere outside and washing it at least four times in a day. And you know what, apart from Neem and Aloe Vera, there is one more amazing natural ingredient that can help your skin glow; turmeric. I’m sure you know about it, after all this is the thing every bride applies to her face before her marriage, and we all know that’s the time any woman looks the most beautiful in her life.

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