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They say that the first impression is the last impression. And no matter how many variations of this phrase you’ve heard, it stays true in every sense. And a major part of that first impression is decided by the outfit you wear. In my opinion, everyone has his own style and that is what sets him apart from the crowd. So it is only logical at my part to not understand how we can all just go to the mall and choose a shirt or trouser from a collection that’s more or less the same! It’s the uniqueness that matters, and that’s why many people used to have their personal tailors, some still do, but in today’s busy lives, who has time to go out for that.

Behold, in comes Stylior! Stylior is your personal bespoke online fashion studio. All I knew before I visited the website was that we can customize our outfits, but when I logged in, I realized that it was much more than that.


Stylior is like your personal fitting expert, just better. Given my lean built and yet an exceptionally tall stature, I find it quite difficult to find Suits and Shirts that fit me. But at stylior, I had the option to customize as per my needs. There was a 3D designer to view my creation in real time and know exactly what I’m getting.

And this is not it, you not only get the color and fit of your choice, you can also design it the way you want. And now think about all of that, combined with a great quality of fabric, a guaranteed fitting, free global delivery, and the finest quality infrastructure to provide the most affordable product… if that’s not the product that fits all your needs, trust me, there’s nothing better than this.


The brand plans offline stores too, which will basically add to the richness of the experience. So no matter what you need, may it be a shirt or a trouser, a suit or any kind of accessory, like a bag or footwear, Stylior has it all. And I’m sure that once you visit it, it will become your first choice for all your clothing needs.

PS: Check this out for more information!


Recently a friend of mine asked me to recommend a smartphone to him. Before he could tell me his requirements, I said Asus Zenfone 2. Well, I was too excited, but then I asked him to first tell me more about his budget and requirements from the phone. So he said he wanted something under 20,000, with the latest technology and a cool camera. So I said it again, go for the Asus Zenfone 2. And it makes sense; why would you spend so much in a phone when you can get the same or even better specs at such a less price? Gone are the days when there was just one brand and everything revolved around it. Today the customer wants the best, and there’s hundreds out there trying to provide that.

So why the Zenfone 2, you ask? Let me give you my reasons.

  1. Let’s begin with the first thing everybody looks for in a phone these days; The Processor. The Zenfone 2 comes in 2 models, and both have a Quad core processor, and trust me, it is what you need given the speed with which the app market in India is evolving. Almost all the online shopping, travel, banking companies want you to use their app. I think you’ll need a Quad core to handle all of that. Not to mention that it’s a 1.8 GHz processor, so even that 1.5 GB HD game of yours can be played seamlessly.
  2. Camera. With a 13 MP back and 5 MP front camera and 1080p Video recording, this phone is actually saving you a lot of money since you’ll probably not need to buy a digicam.
  3. Memory. Talking about the RAM, we got two models that offer 2 and 4 GB RAM. Yep, 4 GB, I’m not kidding. Not only is the Zenfone 2 the first such phone to offer this, it works like a charm. You can read the reviews yourself. And even for the ROM you have multiple options in 16/32/64 GB, not to mention the expandable memory that can add upto another 64 GB to your phone.
  4. Talking about the display, it’s a Corning Gorilla Glass 3, or what you may call the state of the art technology. A 5.5 Inch screen with a 403 ppi, trust me, you are looking at one of the finest screens in the category.
  5. Battery. It should’ve been the first point, but now that we’re here, how would you like your phone to have so many amazing features and still last for a whole day? It won’t sound so unreal when I tell you that this smartphone of yours is loaded with 3000 mAh battery. Even the best phones in this class offer a 2300 mAh. Oh, and it has a speed charging system, so the first 60% gets done in just 40 minutes… Sweet, isn’t it?
  6. With such a wide range of options available, it would be a shame if you can’t get the color of your choice. So let me make it easy for you with a picture.Too.Many.Options!!
  7. This is where most discussions of us Indians end, Price! So how much does it cost? Well, given the brand and looking at the features alone, I was expecting a big number at first. I mean, I have bought phones worth over 30000 that have less features than these. But here’s the good part, this range of Asus Zenfone 2 is available from 12,999 (2 GB Model) to 22,999 (4 GB Model). And if that doesn’t make you buy it right now, I don’t know what will!

Choosing a phone can be a tricky task. A phone stays with you for probably the longest time in a day compared to anything else and no matter what you use it for, it is one of the most important gadgets you own. In short, it just has to be the best. It’s a good thing that Asus has made it easier for you. Go make it your next phone. Good luck.

If you compare the retail markets as we see today with what it used to be around two years back, you’ll see that there has been a revolutionary change in how the retailers sell and how the customers look at the products. A general Indian consumer two years ago was obsessed with brands and the trust factor while today he thinks more about the product and not the brand that’s behind it. I believe that’s the right way to go, but not in all the fields – particularly in the mobile phone markets.

As you must have seen a plethora of companies entering the Indian markets with tonnes of new phones with highly buffed specs and competitive prices, it becomes all the more difficult to make an informed choice. On one hand you see a phone with all the specs you needed and that too at a price less than you could imagine. On the other hand you have a comparatively expansive phone but with a brand-name that you have trusted for ages. It is understandable how you’ll get confused which way to go and probably end up regretting your decision.

This is the time when a little bit of research comes to your rescue. If you dig a little deeper in the markets, you’ll find that there is a wide range of Sony mobile phones with great features under the range of 10,000 INR. Now who wouldn’t prefer the same OS, a superb camera and the trust of Sony with it? It is quite evident that the customer today wants a better product and cares for his money more than ever. And these phones satisfy those exact needs. Personally, I’m an android fan, and I love to flaunt what I own. So it becomes an easy choice for me once I take a look at those beautiful phones.

Take a look at the beauties yourself!


There are hundreds of phones available that will eat up your pocket and still go out of fashion within a year or two. It is only intelligent to go for a phone that you like and save money along with it. While the aforementioned collection has all the phones you’d need to look at and make a choice to save some precious bucks, you have the trust of Sony attached when you make a purchase, so you know that you’re getting the best deal!

So I’m watching this Pepsi IPL game and one of my friends asks me what is this #EkNayiLeague that everybody is talking about on twitter. I had no idea, and to be honest, I was also kind of intrigued if this was a new league with some other sport like the one we had last year with Football and Kabaddi. He wasn’t wrong in thinking that I should know about it, given that I’m on twitter almost all the time and my love for sports is only next to my love for food. So considering that, I logged in and tried finding out what is this EkNayiLeague! But to my surprise, apart from a few teasers, there was literally no revealing information. So I just guessed.

What is this Ek Nayi League? Is it a Golf league as I had thought, or is it yet another dance show with a flavor of sports? Is it something along the lines of a quiz or is it a talk show? You could keep guessing, but I made some intelligent guesses with these videos.

As Kapil is talking about the League in these videos, some of the things he mentions are:

  1. You won’t need to use your heart in this.
  2. He talks about how young people achieve so much in today’s India and compares it to his time.
  3. He talks about people who made it big despite difficulties (Sania, Yuvvraj, Kapil Sharma and M.S Dhoni, all have seen great struggles in their times)
  4. And last, he talks about how one is always young and shouldn’t retire.

Now combine all these, or well, some of these and you get something which is entirely different from what we generally see on television. So according to me, our first ever world cup winning captain is going to bring us a show where he is going to reward the young achievers. I think it will be something where we’ll celebrate the people who achieved a lot despite all the problems they had in life and made it big. And obviously, it will contain some kind of competition based on knowledge and that’s why you’re not supposed to use your heart. Obviously these are all speculations, for all I know it could be a talk show with Sania Mirza and Yuvvraj Singh! One more guess for me would be that it will contain a lot of interaction with our old cricketers.

But what tells me that it is going to be different and a treat to watch is the presence of Kapil Paji in it. The man is one of the most respected sportsmen in the country and he won’t be coming on TV if it wasn’t for something uber cool! So fingers crossed. In case you want to know more about the EkNayiLeague, you should stay connected to the twitter account of Kapil Dev where he will soon reveal the mystery. Also, check out for more info. And oh, do follow @eknayileague too!

A copy paste

since this article was a hit on my other blog, i thot, why not update it here too.. my view on the current news 🙂

Hi.. you must be wondering why I compared crap to Ra.One when we all know which is worse… and why I wrote metallica and the other two words in the same line… Reason is simple, I am a regular guy, or in this case, a not-so-regular guy who hasn’t seen both.

A few weeks back, when I was cleaning my home for the much awaited Diwali, I came to know that India is going to host F1 racing and there will be a Metallica concert as well, pardon my poor GK, I was too busy doing nothing maybe! So all I could say was “ok” and I went back to my work. Not that I am not a fan of rock, in fact I love listening to zepplin but metallica I wasn’t really fond of. So weren’t my friends, but suddenly liking metallica became a trend. It was just like that “Hate Justin beiber” wave that spread once.

As I said, I am a regular guy, I have around 400 Facebook friends which is a symbol of a good profile according to people, so I could see the trend there too. It wasn’t even over when shahrukh khan started promoting his movie in which he was playing a superhero. I wasn’t really interested in watching another movie with a superhero in it, but the promos aroused my curiosity and I thought, “Let’s give it a try” but before I could think of buying the tickets the first day first show of the movie happened (luckily I didn’t get it’s tickets) and all I could hear from my friends was “the movie is crap!” call it Facebook effect but my friends who won’t even agree to the fact that light travels the fastest, agreed to the point that Ra.One sucks. I wanted to see the movie but going for it now would spoil my image in my friends. All I can see on the internet is the bad reviews of the movie.

When you see Facebook, “ABC and 33 other friends posted about Diwali” such posts are common… so is that what we want? To be a part of those 33 other people? When the metallica concert got cancelled, everyone is dissing the media and rest are cursing the public. Some blog posts are getting popular and some quotes are spreading like viral. But the fact is, not more than 30% percent of the people have actually listened to many metallica tracks and rest are just being a part of the mob. I still have sympathy with the true rock fans who missed that. I still have sympathy with people who wanted to celebrate Diwali with Ra.One and got something else. But what I see there is less genuineness and more imitation.

As I always say “by imitating people we only take humanity back to where we evolved from” so it’s time to do something new, something different and something good (and hopefully one thing that combines all three)

Let’s just end this nonsense with one thing.. what you read was neither my anger nor my frustration… it wasn’t something to laugh at, neither did I want to make you cry. What I wished was to convey a simple message, the virtual life is deceptive, being updated is different and following the trend is different. So forget metallica and (unless you wasted your money in it 😛 ) and choose something which people aren’t talking much about (let’s say my blog).. Who knows If you set your own trend! 😀



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