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How to wake up to a gold morning!

It’s 6 AM, I switch off the alarm before it could beep and wake up in a fresh mood, ready to take on the world with my amazing smile.

Wait… that didn’t sound anything like a usual morning for any of us now, did it?

Let’s try again:

It is 8 already; the alarm has snoozed four times before giving up on me. I still feel sleepy but I have to wake up to go to that damn job. And do all those chores I don’t want to.

Well, that was pretty much all of us.

So what does it take to switch from the previous description to the first one? What do all these cheerful people do to wake up so early and stay energized and fresh all the time? Trust me, I’m not going to give you a self help guide here, I’m just going to share a mantra to make your mornings something you look forward to.

I believe in that age old mantra of early to bed and early to rise. So those of you who sleep before 11, have a way better chance of waking up at 7. (Did that rhyme?)

Once you got that covered, you need to make a target. Targets work great on human mind. Once you have something important to do the next day, the morning will be really important.

Next is music, start your mornings with some peppy music, preferably with beats, so that your mind will gain that required momentum to keep you awake and away from slumber.

And last, but not the least, make sure your morning activities make you fresh enough to you know, take on the world. This is where your toothpaste comes into the scene, since this is one thing you use daily and it simply is a very important part of your routine, so make sure there is no compromise made on that front. And the Colgate 360 Gold is your best bet when it comes to all round cleaning and a fresh feeling. (Did that rhyme again?)



So once you have a great start to the day, you can definitely call it a great morning, or wait, a Gold Morning, right? So go ahead, enjoy the experience of #Colgate360GoldMornings .

Make sure you visit to stay updated and have even more Golden mornings!

This is coming from my personal experience, that if you have a good start to the day, the rest of the day will automatically be great. And there is no wonder in the fact that a good brushing partner like Colgate 360 Gold can do wonders to your start of the day. Combine that with good music and a great breakfast, you’ve got yourself a winner! So go ahead, try it today. 🙂

Busy lives, busy people, too much work, lack of sleep… There are a thousand things that keep us away from a ‘Healthy lifestyle’. Not to mention that our definition of a healthy lifestyle keeps changing with time. While a good night’s sleep and an early morning Yoga was a necessity for most, times brought us to think that a normal workout at any point of day is enough, which has now changed to a question “Do you at least take a small walk in your whole day?”. We’re all becoming couch potatoes, some by chance and some by choice. But the good part is, many of us realize it sooner or later and involve exercise in their daily routine, which is one of the most important things. But at the same time, we forget another most important thing to take care of, the diet.

It isn’t a matter of worry for lean people like me, but trust me on this, I’ve seen my share of fat people and how they plan to manage that weight. The worst part about all this is how people cope up with their weight and the corresponding diet plans. The lean ones plan on eating a lot and the fat ones, nothing. There’s crash diets too, and I don’t even have to go in details for that… just read the basic dictionary meaning of this thing. “A weight-loss diet undertaken on an urgent, short-term basis with the aim of achieving very rapid results”. Now how can someone expect a lot of good out of something that gives ‘rapid results’, of course there’s going to be some bad effects of that. And what are they? Well, fatigue, restlessness, lack of energy, mineral deficiencies to begin with, which later leads to problems like high blood pressure, heart issues, Diabetes and many more. So much for losing weight huh!

So what is it that you should do? Is there something one could take, a schedule one could follow to have nothing but positive results? Well, regardless of your body shape, weight, gender or age, there are so many things that have been recommended by many generations. A good schedule that includes 8 hours of sleep, light exercise, a balanced diet and yoga, this is something everybody should do. And when I say balanced, I’m not saying eat anything, but eat the stuff that’s good for your body. Trust the experts; Dabur, for example, is one of the leading brands that provide you the best of products for a good health. And Dabur honey, is one of the best products that I have come across that you should have regularly for a body in shape. And not just the 1 teaspoon in the morning style that most people recommend, but you can’t imagine how good a Honey Diet can be for you.

Honey is a natural source that acts as a substitute to sugar, helps you in weight management and provides you enough vitamins and minerals for a beautiful skin and voice. Not to mention that it is very light on the stomach and helps in a better digestion. Now imagine replacing your regular fruit salad with the awesome Honey fruit salad. Or having the wholesome Honey chilli cauliflower for snacks. A honey diet will help you enjoy the smoothies and shakes you deserve in a summer season but not let you gain those extra pounds you were afraid of. And as a bonus, it will help you in maintaining a great health!!

Then why those crash diets when you can have the real goodness of honey and eat what you want? Feel like it? Check out and go ahead with your honey diet today!

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