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Positivity isn’t just a feeling; it’s a trait, and a rare one at that. Not everyone around us can be positive about the things that happen and stay optimistic. Some people do see this as avoiding the reality but I like to call it appreciative pragmatism, a term that I coined. And what I am about to tell you may make you think the same. It’s a story from an earlier part of my life, I must have been 15 years of age. I remember how my father used to invest in stock markets and my mother used to hate that. My parents had a very straightforward relationship; they always shared everything with each other but never asked each other not to do something if the other person believed it was good. Same thing was about the stock market. My father was confident that he’ll make great returns one day, and my mother, even though skeptical, never stopped him.

I remember one day when my father returned from office. He was an average government employee with a lower than average salary. For him it was never about how much money he made but how content one could be with life. But that day he was different. I could sense something was wrong but I just couldn’t get myself to ask. Unlike everyday when he used to cheerfully enter the room and ask us all about how our day was, he simply went to the bedroom and lay down. My mom immediately went to the room, she had seen the news too, guess she kind of knew what was wrong. “How much?” She asked him. He replied with almost no expression on his face, “Almost everything.”  I heard that. My father had more than half of his savings invested in a mid cap company and that day its stock went down over 30% before they put a circuit on it. He was down and wasn’t able to plan what to do. According to the TV reports it was recommended to take the money out from the stock and invest somewhere else. But for my father more than the money it was about his confidence, all he ever believed in was his ability to invest with risk and today that very thing was shaken. I was sure that this was going to be the time when mom will finally lose her patience and flip out.

I was expecting some loud voices, maybe a dialogue “I told you so!” that my mom usually loved to tell us. But something different happened. She asked me to come inside the room at sit near my father. When I went there she asked me, “What do we do when we fall down?” “Get back up?” I replied, in a manner, asking if this was the answer she wanted. “Right” she said. Then she looked at my father and continued, “We don’t just get back up, we keep walking too. What’s the point of going into the playground if you’re afraid to lose?” “But…” “Let me continue” she interrupted my father, “Let me tell you something, I never believed in this whole investment thing of yours to begin with. But I never asked you to stop, you know why? Because I believed in you. Because I knew that the man I married will do something only when he is sure he knows he’s doing the right thing, and you still are. So what we lost some money! I agree it is a big amount, but that doesn’t mean we lost everything.”

I could see a smile slowly coming to my father’s face. He knew what my mom meant. And probably that’s why he didn’t interrupt this time. He let her continue. “So I say you get back up, take your money out from whatever bad stocks you might have invested into and put it into the good ones. It means a lot to you and no matter what, you’ve got to try.”

It might have been just one small incident, but I knew the big lesson behind it. I always thought my father was the confident and positive one, but this time it was my mother. I realized the importance of positivity in life and how many miracle could just a little bit of hope cause. And for those who are interested, this story of my life had a happy ending, rather continuation too. My father put his money into an IPO later, not just recovering the money he’d lost earlier but making almost twice more. He was more careful and critical with his stocks now. Thanks to him, the day I started earning, I am financially more informed and capable than most of my friends.

Through this story I am not asking any of you to start investing or anything like that, it is totally your call. But I am requesting you to stay positive and be confident about what you do. No matter if you’re an investor or a musician or a sports player, be optimistic about it and you’ll do wonders. Trust me. Also think about it, if the whole world starts thinking this hopeful way, how much positivity will be around us and how much we’ll be able to achieve. You know what? I’m hopeful that’ll happen someday as well.

To know what effect hope and optimism can have, just take a look at this beautiful website once:

I’m a 24-year-old IT professional. We’re the kind of people who work 8 hours a day and complain about it for the remaining 16 hours. Well, I was kidding, but only about the first part, I was absolutely truthful in the beginning. And you know what’s common between almost every young professional? The new excitement of making it on his own, the new power and responsibilities. It can be taxing sometimes, but it feels good most of the other times.

So why this post? It’s to tell you about the importance of self-reliance, and money management. I remember, unlike most of the people who spend their first few months of salaries partying and hanging out, I sent some of the money home and used the rest to buy myself and others a decent health and life insurance cover. “You’re just 24, and the company already gets you a life insurance! You don’t need it!” Most of my friends told me that, but they knew little in front of what I had learnt in the past 24 years of my life.

My parents have always been the cool kind, the kind of people who never stopped from doing anything in my life, so it can be fairly assumed that they’d not have felt bad even I had spent the money in partying out! And that’s not wrong either. But still I choose to do the aforementioned. And here’s why; I believe that life is the most precious belonging one can have, and the purpose of life is to succeed. Now everyone has his own definition of success, and mine is to make sure that I should be able to fulfill every expectation that my family has of me. I’ve learned this from my parents of course, specially my father.

I belong to a middle class family, so perks like ACs, large bedrooms were all alien to us. But still I never felt that I was missing on anything. I remember how my father always told me the importance of knowledge over anything else. One thing I learned from him was the importance of making it on your own and being self-dependent. Although we couldn’t afford things like a luxury car, he was never worried about my education or our future. He always seemed so sure. I never understood the concepts of insurance or things like that then, but he made me learn all of them slowly. When I was in college, he told me once about how a health insurance is one of the most important investments he made. It took me some time, but I realized that even with little funds how he was so confident about the future. And I made a promise to myself, no matter how much money I make and what I do, I’ll never let that be a constraint for me or my family.

Today, I consider myself an above average earning person. But that’s not what I’m proud of. I’m proud of the fact that even if something were to happen to me the next moment, my family will not be in a danger financially. I plan my investments and just like my parents taught me, I am confident about the future.

And that’s one advice I’d give to everyone out there. There’s so much you could do with what you earn, but the small such decisions you make today, will affect your future tomorrow.

Take a look at this ad to know better about what I’m talking about.

PS: I don’t need to tell you but I have a lot of experience in comparing policies and investment products, and personally I found HDFC the best partner for me. You could take a look yourself:

Good luck 🙂

Having a car is almost every Indian’s dream. You can finally stop worrying about how cold or hot it is outside and if your clothes will get all messed up because of the pollution! You don’t have to trouble yourself with different vehicles for the whole family and I don’t know how much stress should be given to this, but music on the go!! But what if the car you have becomes a bigger trouble than any of the problems I mentioned above? What if you have to worry about the car’s mileage and the AC that stops working every second month and makes more noise than your new-born kid? It isn’t as easy to maintain a car as to dream about having one. But that said, no one deserves a bad experience like that, of course many of us aren’t able to afford new cars so we just have to continue with the same old boxes of steel with the not at all comfortable bags inside that people like to call seats. And to tackle that problem, we buy used cars.

I call buying a used car a win-win situation. You get what you want in a car you always dreamt of in a considerably lower price and the seller gets enough money to fund his new one. And probably that is why this business has grown a lot recently. If you look at it, many showrooms sell second-hand cars these days, but I personally can’t get myself to like that. I have observed that as soon as the brand name kicks in, you are mostly asked for a bigger price, the trust factor is improved too, but is it worth the price? There are online websites too to sell stuff, which includes cars as well, but there you have to connect to the individual sellers. Now there you may get a lower price but you also face the risk of being conned. And not to mention the trollers and fake buyers and sellers that are there in huge numbers. But here’s what I found as a one stop solution to that; what if I tell you that you can buy your new car at a lower price through an individual seller, but only after making sure that he’s a genuine seller and you’re getting a fair deal? Now that’s what I’d call a win-win.

But hey, what about that old troublesome car I had? Well, here’s the thing, with a few little tweaks, someone could make your old troublesome car into his dream car and give you the money with which you could fund your own dream car! So what am I talking about? I guess it’s pretty obvious by now, it is Quikr NXT!

Quikr NXT, as I said in one post earlier as well, is a revolution to our e-commerce industry. You can sell and buy things and without any security concerns or having to share your number with the fake ones. So here’s my guide to upgrading your car with Quikr NXT.

  • Let’s begin with taking some cool pics of your old car. Now it may give you a little trouble, but it is your car, there’s always an attachment. So put it up online on Quikr for sale and be honest in the ad. Ask for a reasonable price, make sure you disclose the issues, if any.
  • Wait for the ads to rain, and trust me, they will. Once I put up an ad on Quikr for an old washing machine. I received six calls within a day of placing the ad. And the best part, chat as per your convenience, you don’t have to be disturbed with phone calls thanks to Quikr NXT!
  • Find out the best deal, talk to the buyer and bam! your car is sold. And you got some money that you could add to your fund for the next car.
  • So you made someone else’s dream come true, now it’s your turn. You could check out the ads that are there already and find the car you like. With the thousands of ads and so many filters and a clean UI and a superfast app, you’ve got to get a match.
  • Don’t fret even if you can’t find what you like, create your own alerts and ads to let people contact you if they have something you’d be interested in, sweet, isn’t it?
  • Now let’s say you found a good car. Although with Quikr you can always be sure that the seller is genuine, don’t take the risk of going all in at once. First confirm from the seller about the car by chatting with him. If you both agree, talk and before you know it’s time to see the car.
  • So what bothered you in the last car? Maybe it was good but you just didn’t like how small it was, or you want a better mileage? It’s time to check out if this car has it for you and if it does, what are you waiting for? Make it your before someone else steals the deal!

Personally, I’d go for a slightly bigger car as my family has more members now. Mileage is of course a primary requirement of every Indian, but I’d also love it if my new car has a better leg space and better clearance. The compact cars just don’t work for me anymore (Or any guy who’s a freaking 6’2”)!

So did you see how easy it was for me to upgrade to a large spacious car from a compact one in a very limited budget, or for you to your own dream car through Quikr NXT? This is the beauty of it in my opinion. With the least amount of trouble and time and almost everything on the app, upgrading your car was never easier.

PS: Don’t forget to buy some awesome accessories for the new one too. I don’t need to tell you where to buy those from now, do I? J

PPS: Don’t wait, go check out Quikr here:

Bucket lists. Man do I have a thousand of those! Since the day I started to talk and things around me started making sense to me, I’ve been thinking of what I’d do in my life. And I am not just talking about how I wanted to become a big doctor or a great engineer, I am talking the crazy stuff…! How I wanted to swim across the English Channel crazy! Every one of us has wishes he or she can’t fulfil because of the circumstances, but what if there was no restriction? What if it was only you and your dreams and no one to stop you from achieving them? Sounds like yet another unachievable dream, I know; but to think about it, it isn’t much difficult.

I just came across this line “Befikar, Umar Bhar” (Meaning: Carefree for life) by IDBI Federal and it made me think; Most of us are doing what they are doing because this is what they could manage in their situation. Ask yourself, would you be doing this same thing if every problem and restriction in your life was removed? I don’t think so. Here’s 5 things from my bucket list that I’d do if I was ‘Befikar, umar bhar’.

  1. Write:
    I know, I do it right now too. But this isn’t enough. If this restriction of money was removed from my life, I’d probably live with my family in an isolated place and write. This is one very achievable dream for me and I hope that I’ll make it happen one day.
  2. Travel:
    If you are a person who can travel to any place alone, there’s pretty much nothing left in the world that you can’t do. Those words aren’t mine, but I share the sentiment. Travelling can teach you a lot of things; How to self-reliant, how to be confident, how to stay healthy, how to cook and what not… it widens your perspective and improves your personality. ‘Only if I had enough time!’ is what everyone’s excuse is when they’re asked why they don’t travel as much. They’re not wrong. But if there was no constraint, I’d pack my bags and leave for the remotest places in a breath!
  3. Learn a new skill:
    It is easy to learn how to play guitar or maybe a new language while you’re doing a full time job. So obviously when I say ‘new skill’ I’m not talking about that. I’m talking about the crazy stuff. Trekking, mountaineering and stuff like that. There’s a little part of me that just wants to take a bike and a backpack and not stop till I reach the Himalayan ranges! As awesome as it sounds, it needs a rock solid planning and not to mention a lot of time.
  4. Teach:
    I plan to do this someday. I really do. But when that day will come is a fact that’s still unknown to me. When you teach, you multiply your knowledge and make a smart individual who will then go on and make other’s lives better, thus, helping your nation a great deal. Till now my teaching has been limited to a few kids and sometimes in NGOs. But I do see myself building a school that’s free for all, someday.

Get insured for life, cover yourself good!

  1. Play:
    If there was ever a world record for knowing every sport without having played a single one of them, I’d probably win it by a good margin. It’s not that I’ve been bad at sports, I just had priorities over it. First studies then more studies and then more studies. Damn, I wish I hadn’t studied that much! Erm… anyway, the point is… if I had a chance, I’d probably not go back in time but make enough time now so that I can just go out and play my heart out! Wouldn’t that be awesome? 😀

All those things, although sound too awesome, can be real difficult to do when we’re bound with the responsibilities of life. And that’s where a little planning may come in handy. Most of us do all those things for personal and financial reasons, and if we get at least one of those taken care of, doesn’t that solve a lot of our problems? As I began with the line by IDBI Federal, “Befikar, Umar Bhar”, it’s time to live it for real. Take a look at this video to know what I’m talking about.

Live your life, the best way possible, happy independence 🙂

PS: check this out to know more:

Have a great day!

PPS: I never said this, but seeing the video, if i manage to secure myself financially that much, I’ll but my all time favorite car, the Porsche Carrera gt 911. 😀

Sleep for a few extra hours, have a little extra pizza, drink a little extra and watch two extra episodes of House MD. No, I wasn’t explaining how to celebrate the international extra day, this was how I spend my valentine day! Sad, isn’t it? No, really. Well, a bit you may say but there is a lot of upside too to not having a valentine around.

Instead of going to what those upsides are, I would like to use this post to comment on something related. I recently came across a Dilbert comic strip where he explained why his mobile was a better partner for him than a girlfriend. On the risk of exposing myself to singlehood for life, may I just say how true that was!! And obviously, being the self obsessed jerk that I am, I do love me. So why not pamper myself a bit? Recently I was looking for a new phone to buy and I was searching on some top websites for help in choosing the best one. That was the time when I came across the Asus Zenfone and Padfone, which reminded me of the Dilbert comic. It was exactly what I wanted, exactly what I wished for!

So here’s a reason why Asus Zenfone is my ideal valentine.

Let’s dive into it a little deeper. What do you want in your ideal valentine? Well my list would something like this; A strong character, an intelligent mind, good looks, loyalty and obviously, affordability. Now let me tell you exactly why I think the Asus is the right valentine for me.

  1. Strength:

Just like you need a strong partner to hold you when you’re down, the Asus zenfone comes with a hyper threading technology that helps running more programs at once and helping an efficient utilization of resources, therefore, making sure your phone won’t hang on you, ever! It will be there when you need it, once… and always. And just so you know, the case makes sure your Zenfone is physically strong and durable too!

  1. Intelligence:

Intel Atom Processor with hyper threading and a network supporting up to 42 Mbps. That’s not it, you also get a pixelmaster for great photos and an intelligent Zen UI to make your life simpler. Now tell me, isn’t that all you want with your valentine, a simpler life?

  1. Looks:

It definitely isn’t my first priority, but I’d love it if my valentine is hot! Who wouldn’t want to brag about his partner to his friends, right? Well, Asus got it covered too! Just taking a look at the Padfone mini I lost my heart, and the zenfone then put the final nail. I’ll let the looks speak for themselves.

Thank you NDTV Gadgets for the image.

Also, before you do the hefty comparisons, just look at how economical the whole range is! Which brings me to my fifth point. Well, after the fourth one of course.

  1. Loyalty:

Once you go with Asus, they don’t think they’re done. They’ll stick with you. You know how I know that? Well, apart from the experiences from so many friends of mine who were too satisfied with the Asus warranty policies, the fact that Asus products come with a 30 day replacement guarantee and a one year replacement warranty helped a lot. Who needs a loyal partner, I guess everyone!

  1. Affordability:

Most people don’t say it, but half of their salaries are spent in calling their better halves 24×7 and gifting them thousands of things on millions of occasions! With Asus zenfone, that problem is definitely not there! With such an affordable range, you actually save more money than you spend. Now instead of telling you about the prices and other specs, why don’t I take you to the portal so that you can check everything out yourself?

Check this out:

Also, before you go, don’t forget to watch the video

See that? I love me! 😀

I wanted to sell my old phone; A Nokia E5. After seeing a lot of mentions here and there, I thought I’d give a try to an online selling website. I put my phone up there for selling and bam, 3 calls within the next 6 hours. I had no idea people were this willing to buy an E5! But no one was ready to pay the asked amount, so I decided to keep the ad live till I get a good deal. Now I got one call at 6 am in the morning. Okay, sometimes people do that, it woke me up for good. But what put me off was some other person calling at 1 AM!! I understand this doesn’t happen usually but what if I am the unusual one, I mean my mom already thinks so!

Here’s another case. One of my friends wanted to sell her old laptop online. The problem is, she didn’t want to share her number due to some experiences in the past and I didn’t want to put my number after the above experience. I could have put my number there had I been assured that I won’t get unwanted calls or people trying to troll me. We ended up selling it offline to a shopkeeper just to realize later that we could have made around 3000 bucks more had we used the online way. So what went wrong? I am sure I wasn’t at mistake here, and I am also sure that I simply love the way the online reselling portals work. In fact, my experiences with Quikr have been too good in the past, I managed to sell things I never imagined I could… realizing that almost everything in this world has a buyer, you just need the market, or in other words, Quikr.

So coming back to the question, what went wrong? I thought maybe I could just share my email id so that I could reply at ease. But then again, I am not the kind who checks his email that often. And before I could think of it, Quikr gave me a solution; Quikr NXT!

With Quikr NXT, you can simply chat with a potential buyer/seller without having to call unless you’re sure this is the deal you want. It is extremely simple, you get the app, you put the product up online and chat with anyone who is interested. In the words of Quikr itself, “With Quikr Nxt, buyers and sellers can immediately connect with each other through chat across Quikr’s mobile app, mobile site and even its desktop site. This feature will transform India’s online classifieds market as it enables users to communicate with each other at their convenience and request more details about the product or service, without requiring a single phone call.”

So why would I prefer chatting over phone? Simple:

  1. I like to pick my own sleeping hours. Which may or may not include time at work (I can only hope my manager isn’t reading this.). So I would obviously not like to be disturbed while sleeping. Now I could put my phone silent or switch it off. But I’d also not want to miss a potential buyer. Doesn’t chatting eliminate all that and lets me choose the time of call? Cool huh!
  2. I have meetings, outings and dates… erm… at least the first two. And getting a call in a meeting with the boss explaining something to me is like getting shot, just a little more painful. But here’s a little secret, I do text in my meetings.
  3. This is probably the most important one. Avoiding the trolls! While websites like Quikr are revolutionizing the markets and trying to do good things, there will always be people to simply take your number and call you to have fun without any intention to actually do what the website was made for. And those trolls my friend, waste your time and energy. Over chat, it is easy to know who the troll is and who’s not. And you talk only to the serious ones, not the ones who’ll give an address to oblivion to come and make the deal.
    Look at this video and you’ll know!

So these three reasons should explain my love of chat over phone, also I am a partial introvert, just like a major part of our population, we, the new generation, are the texting kings! Duh! Also, this all could be done simply on an app too!

With the Quikr NXT Experience, my life is getting easier, I hope yours is too. Tell me about your experience with Quikr NXT, and also check out the latest Refrigerator I am selling on, we could chat about it 😉

When it comes to tech, I am a very savvy person. See what I did there? Didn’t? Erm… well okay… here’s what I just found out. With a little effort, and the best of technology, you can probably do anything! Or at least that’s how it looks from the two new amazing products that Asus is offering. Behold, in comes the magic of innovation, the Asus All in one PC ET2040 ( ) and the Asus Eee Book X205 ( ) and if you didn’t really notice it, this sleek in style eeebook is priced at 14,999 bucks. Yep, that’s how they roll!

The question was, if you had to pick one, which one will you go for. And to be honest, I have no freaking idea! Not because I am not aware about the two but I like them both so much that I can hardly pick one. So yes, it is going to be both for me!

Here’s some of the features in the two.

Starting with the ET2040, An Intel Pentium processor J2900 may not sound that cool, but combine that with Intel HD Graphics, 2GB Ram, 500 GB SATA HD, Windows 8.1 and 3 in 1 card reader along with the price of… let me pause for a moment here… just 25,999! Don’t you think it’s a steal at that price? For my home use I could not think of a better PC. Some of the features that put this thing out of the crowd are the innovative Gesture control and the oh so awesome 1 hour UPS backup so that you don’t lose your precious work and data.

Also, look at this:


Coming to the steal deal called Eee Book X205, you couldn’t ask for this much at this price. An intel atom processor with Quad core!, Windows 8.1, 11.6 screen with Intel Gen7 graphics and a 2GB RAM coupled with a 32GB EMMC! Also, it comes in the coolest range of Dark blue, Red, white and even Gold!!

And looking at this, you couldn’t ask for more, like really! 

As a brand, we already know what an amazing tech maker Asus is. With the best prices in the market, these two are going to go a long way. With a trusted Asus technology and other features like long battery backup in EeeBook, Microsoft 365 subscription, one of the smoothest touchpads and a really good keyboard, all your normal requirements are already fulfilled. It can be assumed that these two aren’t going to be the most ideal choices for the intense gamers and the crazy travelers, but they’re definitely going to be best choices for anyone who uses his PC for things like watching movies, completing documents, reading and browsing. So basically the target group is all of us!

In short, I am going to buy both of them, while the Asus ET2040 will stay at my home and be used for my personal requirements like writing and blogging, I’ll use the EeeBook to watch movies on the go and make sure I stay connected, all the time! Smooth, isn’t it?

Don’t wait, go buy them. For more information, check this out:  ASUS EeeBook X205TA and ASUS All In One PC ET2040

What does it take to build a house? The obvious answer would be construction material, well, almost. But what does it take to build a home? Are those two the same things? Of course not. To build a home, you need a happy family, a place where everyone feels like, well, home. For me, a happy family is never complete without a happy child. How many times have you seen hysterically laughing parents when their kids were sick. I don’t think you’d recollect even one such moment. This is because a child is the breath of the family. If he’s in trouble, so is everyone else. A happy child means a happy family.

So what was all of that there for? Because I wanted to put forward a simple point, that if there is a child in a home, the first and the foremost priority of everyone in that family becomes that child. Simple as that. And what are the things that children love? For me it was mostly playing and eating. These days I hear they love the Gangnam style too. But all of this can be done only if the kid is healthy. So in short, a healthy child is the key to a family’s happiness. Stay with me and we’ll probably short it all out on one smile of your kid. Kidding… maybe not.

Recently I came across this advertisement by Dabur Chyawanprash where it was told how it is able to protect yourself against diseases three times more than ever. I could have laughed it off just like I do with most other adverts but I didn’t, reason being I personally have experienced the magic this little solution has on people. Dabur Chyawanprash is not just a product that you can eat, it’s practically an ayurvedic medicine that helps you improve your immunity. When I was 7, falling ill was like my favorite passtime, right after spilling milk and breaking glass plates at home. Only that the former wasn’t under my control. I still remember having Dabur Chyawanprash for the first time. It was a simple bottle with a sage on front of it. Tangy taste, I loved it. My parents were happy because finally our tastes matched somewhere. Although I was the only kid, my whole family was having it and we could totally see the results. I won’t say I stopped getting sick, but there was a considerable improvement in my condition. I could see myself going out in the cold without worrying that I’ll sneeze for the next three hours.

For me, Dabur Chyawanprash was the thing I needed. For your kid too, this is one thing he needs to have. For his health, for his smile, for your smile. After all, a healthy child is a happy child, don’t you think?

You should check this link out if my words weren’t enough to get you going, although I don’t see the reason why.

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