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The impact of Football.

Sports and Music are two things that don’t directly run the world, but the world won’t be able to function without them. Not only are both of these fields essential for one’s entertainment, the sheer amount of money that is involved in today’s sports and music makes these two essential for any economy and a great option for career. It is quite obvious that both require an exceptional talent to succeed. I have talked about music in quite a number of posts before, so this post will be about sports, and Football, more specifically.

Can you imagine a turnover of over 400 million dollars, half of which is being paid as salaries, and the highest earner takes home a million and a half pounds every month. And that’s just the start, the earnings from merchandise and other rights haven’t even been taken into account. And I’m not talking about some industry or big company, these are a year old stats of the Football club Manchester United. And Man Utd is only the third most valuable club in the world, the top two spots are taken by Real Madrid and Barcelona. All these three clubs (Barca, RM, MU) are being valued at over 3 billion USD and have three of the highest paid players in the world, Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Wayne Rooney.

Going by the figures, you can imagine the impact of Football in the economy of these countries. The home stadiums of these three teams have capacities of over 75,000, most of which is always occupied thanks to their star players’ fame. Lionel Messi, who also happens to be the brand ambassador for Tata Zica’s #MadeOfGreat campaign, also tops the charts when it comes to most T-Shirts being sold with a player name, which goes on to show the man’s talent and fame. After all, you don’t win 5 Ballon D’Ors for nothing!

Image Courtesy: MadeOfGreat Website by Tata Motors.

Football is game of strength, agility, and control, and is played in almost 200 countries and has undoubtedly the most fans across the world. With the 2014 Football world cup being viewed by over 3 billion people over the world, which is almost half of world’s population, the impact of this game is incomparable. With amazing talents like Messi, Ronaldo, Rooney, Neymar and the likes, and the classic veterans like Zidane, Pele, Maradona and Muller, the game of Football is no less than a legacy that keeps on getting bigger. The game has style, speed and freshness, something that everybody likes, and something that makes this game Fantastico!

Do you think this is the best game there could ever be? Or you have something else in mind. I’m sure you’ll agree to some of the points that I made, if not all. Do tell me your views about it, and which game has the best impact in your opinion.

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A friend of mine once told me that when we are happy, we listen to the music, but when we are sad, we listen to the lyrics. He was probably right, or at least that’s what happens to me. And this made me think, that for different times, there are different kinds of music that one might like. So how can one simply pick a favorite, it depends quite a lot on the occasion. That’s why we have the different moods and different genres that we like the most in an appropriate mood.

There are times in our life when we are too worked up and simply cannot take it, that time you’d either leave it all and go to sleep, or go out with friends to vent it off. While in the former case you’d listen to some slow songs, the latter calls for some hard rock and roll. We all have those lazy mornings when all we want is a cup of coffee, and that would be the time most people would simply switch on the radio or play their energizing playlists to get into the mood. And do I even need to mention when we need to listen some slow romantic songs?

There is a time and place for everything, and it certainly includes music. And in my opinion, there is nothing better than music to enjoy any occasion, or as I like to put it, to have a Fantastico experience.  I’ve tried to classify some of the music choices for the different times in our daily life.

Parties: I mean, Duh! What’s a party without some rocking music? No matter if it’s your birthday or a party for your promotion, it isn’t a party till the moment you start dancing on some crazy beats! To get a fantastico music experience in a dance party, you can choose almost anything, from hip hop to rock. And for those classic parties, there’s simply no replacement for Jazz.

Night time: Especially when you’re alone, there are two kinds of music that are uncanny. One would be the classical flute evening ragas, and other is acoustic. Those strings can do the kind of magic you can’t imagine, putting you to one of the finest and most satisfying sleeps you can imagine. For the fans of beats and percussions, go for Pink Floyd, thank me later.

Mornings: Starting a morning with hard rock is normally not recommended. So this would be the time I’d choose the classic Bollywood songs or slow rock like that of Coldplay.

Romance: When you’re spending a romantic evening with your loved one, a combination of classic rock and jazz can do wonders. There are also those Bollywood songs from the 80s, or the Arjit Singh playlists of today that could help.

On a drive: Imagine you’re cruising in your powerful Tata Zica for a long drive, there can be nothing better than Greenday or Led Zepplin classics to enjoy the ride. And may I add Iron Maiden and Metallica to that. Trust me, there is nothing better.

Image Courtesy: MadeOfGreat Website by Tata Motors.

I’m sure after all this, you will have a Fantastico Experience with your music.

This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can  apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.

Elon musk, the name needs no introduction. Even if you haven’t heard of the man himself, I’m pretty sure you know about the many things he has gifted to the mankind, like SpaceX, Tesla or Paypal.

Now those of you who don’t know him might think, why an article about the man? There are plenty of people who’ve founded companies, right? Well, yes. But this man has done something that most people cannot think of in a lifetime. Let me introduce him to you.

Musk was born in 1971 in South Africa. He had entrepreneurial qualities developed in him at a very early age and he founded and sold his first startup at the age of 26. Even when Musk was 12, he had taught himself how to code and was able to create and sell a gaming software. Musk is a Stanford dropout who later founded successful companies like SpaceX and Tesla Motors, while the former is credited with sending the first commercial vehicle to international Space Station, the latter is known for its innovation in the world of solar powered and battery run cars.

In his personal life, Musk has always been a modest and low profile person who has never been in controversies. His political stance is ‘half democrat and half republican’. Musk is quite known for his belief in extraterrestrial life and his ambition of inhabiting mars. Musk is also a signatory of giving pledge where he will donate his holdings in his companies when the time comes.

Elon Musk is considered one of the visionaries who will be responsible for bringing upon a big change in the world, much like Steve Jobs, in an even larger front perhaps. Now this is a debatable point, but the reason I say this is that I believe solar energy and related science has been and will be one of the key reasons for our development.

Elon Musk, a man who could own the business world and made tons of money, decided to do it for the betterment of mankind, a man with wit, a man who prefers working 24 hours a day if that’s what it takes to solve a problem, he is definitely the kind of man one should take an inspiration from.

Image courtesy: BusinessInsider.

So there should be no doubt when I say that Mr. Musk is kind of like Iron man, a superhero whose movie he had an appearance in. Just like the famous Tony Stark, Musk is a genius, philanthropist who is trying to save the world. But why call him iron man when we have our own word to call him. I call him Mr. Fantastico, someone who is amazing in all prospects, much like the Tata Zica, an affordably amazing car with the latest tech for you to drool on.

So, who is your Mr. (Or Ms.) Fantastico? Do share your opinions with me, and stay tuned for more! 🙂

This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can  apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.

This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can  apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.

And the word for this post is, Peppy! As I have already given you a guide to being peppy in one of my previous posts, let’s talk about the people who have already achieved it. And just to refresh your memory, being peppy is all about being lively and cheerful.

Here’s my list of the peppiest people I have seen in different fields.


Apart from the strength and sporting spirit, liveliness is one more essential requirement of the game. And once you look at these guys, you’ll understand why.

My first pick for this is Chris Gayle.

150388 Courtesy: Indiatimes.

Not only does he know how to hit every ball out of the park, his signature dance moves are an attraction for everybody.

Next up is Ashwini Ponappa. 900x1358xashwini-ponnappa-hot-cute-photos-20-pics-from-instagram-twitter-facebook-1-pagespeed-ic-mw-qh6ny1l

Courtesy: Reckontalk.

This badminton champ from India sure knows how to keep the field alive with her style!

Movies and TV:

One of the foremost requirements of the glam industry is peppiness, and there’s no doubt that everyone has a bit of it.

But my favorite in this category is Neil Pattrick Harris.

body-19 Courtesy: Spylight.

The man is a magician, writer, singer and actor and what not! It’s his wits and craziness that keeps the sets lively.

Another favorite of mine for this is Matthew Perry, or as we know him, Chandler Bing!


Courtesy: Friends Wiki.

Perry was not only famous for playing the funniest character on the show FRIENDS, he was also quite known for his activities off the camera, which included not letting the costars complete the shoot without a laugh!


Unlike other fields, this one has no competition in my opinion. Candice Swanepoel takes the edge by a margin here.


She’s the kind of woman who makes the photoshoots fun and amazing. And looking at her, you tell me, who wouldn’t want to be a part of that photoshoot!


Although being a successful businessman requires you to show the kind of composure that is uncanny, but still there are people who manage to steal the show. One such man is Elon Musk. Unlike his counterparts, Elon is quite a cheerful guy who can take a joke. And his appearance in the Big Bang theory and his ice bucket challenge is kind of a proof to that. Look at it yourself.


Courtesy: Imgur.


There are so many people who can be amazing at what they do and one of the secrets to their success is their chirpy attitude. While being Peppy is not a necessity, it does add as flavor to your personality. Like the Tata Zica, which is like the peppiest car right now! Check it out yourself if you don’t believe me.

This list has many more amazing people, as the world is filled with peppiness. I’ll probably continue this list in one more blogpost, stay tuned!

A world without music.

The title looked scary, didn’t it? For people like me who can’t go on a day without listening to their favorite songs, this situation is practically unimaginable. Thinking about the world without music paints quite a scary picture for me, which is ironically accompanied by a conjuring background score. But for those who aren’t that much into music, is this a possibility?

Let’s see. When I say no music, I mean not even those ringtones that we have in our phones, no rhythms and no rhymes. So waking up to an alarm would be a thing of past. There will only be news channels on television, and in case the Daily soaps or sitcoms are still there, the dialogues would not even be half as interesting. There will be movies, but they’ll either be mute like they used to be back in the nineteenth century, or without any kind of background score. Now Hans Zimmer and A.R Rahman fans would know what it is like to watch a movie with no background score. Imagine a movie like Gravity or Intersteller, or the dark knight for that matter, with no music. Batman isn’t that great a character now, is he?

And that’s not it, everything around us has music. From the ruffling of leaves to the chirping of birds, from the sound of water to the little noise those crickets make at night, it is all musical. There’s music in the trees when they sway, there’s music in the air when it blows, hell… there’s music in the silence too, it just needs the right listener.

So when you think about the world without music, think again, think of everything that you’d be losing. And I’m not talking about the sounds or plain noise, but the things that please the ears and create a rhythm our brain develops a liking for. A world without music would be a world without Clapton, Presley or Bowie. It would be a world where nobody will have an escape from the reality, even for a moment. It would be a world where there will be pain, and sadness, but no music to give you the courage to face it all. A world without music would be a world without life, a place where you breathe, but don’t live.

I cannot stress enough on how important this one thing is for us. Not money, not any kind of materialistic reward can ever be enough to replace music from our life. And I’m at a loss of words to show how much it means to me. But as Hans Christian Anderson very aptly puts, where words fail, music speaks. So I’ll give you a small task. Imagine if you could play one and only one song throughout your life, which song would that be? Once you listen to it now, you’ll realize the emotion that went behind this post.

This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can  apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.

I’ve kind of a sweet tooth, or as my mother puts it, “I’d rather spend my life packed in a box of sweets than live without one”. And in my defense, this is only because of the amazing sweets that she makes at home. I’d any day prefer a homemade dessert over the ones we buy from the sweet shops. And for a long time I’ve seen my mom trying to explain her recipe to so many people who later mostly unsuccessfully attempt it. So when Indiblogger and Sugarfree Natura came up with the Sugar Free Dessert Challenge, I just had to share my mother’s amazing Five Star recipe with all of you.


So, what’s so special about this sweet? Well, it contains the essential nutrients and is pretty easy on the stomach, not to mention the added goodness of Sugarfree Natura will give it an edge over any other dessert. So without further ado, let me tell you the recipe of the “5 star barfi” directly from my mom’s kitchen.


Gram Flour (Besan) 1 Cup.
Milk 1 Cup.
Coconut Powder (Nariyal Boora) 1 Cup.
Ghee (Desi) 1 Cup.
Sugar Free Natura Diet Sugar ¾ Cup
Almonds, Raisins, Cashew. 1 Tablespoon each.


Before I begin, let me tell you that this is probably one of the easiest Dessert recipes that you’ll come across, given that even I can make it. This is also one of the tastiest things you’ll eat once it is ready.

  1. First of all, take a big frying pan, and pour half of the Ghee in it and heat it on a medium flame.
  2. Once the Ghee has melted and become hot enough, put the Gram flour and coconut powder and milk in it and start stirring it.
  3. Make sure that you don’t let any lumps form, once the mixture become homogenous, pour the remaining Ghee in it.
  4. Keep stirring. And now put the Sugarfree Natura Diet Sugar and half of the dry fruits, mix it thoroughly.
  5. Remember, do not let the lumps form, which is an important part of making any sweet. Heat the mixture till it starts getting a very light shade of brown, keep stirring the whole time to make sure the heating is uniform.
  6. Once the mixture starts solidifying, that’s your cue to lower the flame, give it 5 minutes and then take it out on a large dish.
  7. Now garnish it with the remaining dry fruits and Kesar leaves, or anything else, use your imagination. Let it settle for around an hour.
  8. Once the mixture has settles and become solid, touch it with your finger to see if there’s still any softness remaining. If it doesn’t stick to your finger, it’s time to give the ‘Barfi’ the shape you want. Cut it with a kitchen knife and you have the world’s best homemade mithai with you!

For Sugar Free Natura powder concentrate users please use 37½ measures of the special spoon provided in the pack.

And yes, this dessert contains Ghee, making it pretty digestive and nutritious, and it can be stored in a cool and dry place for up to a week and will stay fit for consumption.

Did I not tell you how it looks once it’s done? Well, you’ve got to see this!


The authentic “5 star” barfi.


So, wasn’t it amazing? There’s so much more that you could do with SugarFree Natura. Do check out for more.

Do tell me if you liked it, and I’ll tell you the delicious homemade cake recipe next! 🙂

Indian history is full of great kings and rulers who were not only great leaders but badass warriors too. Two of my favorites are Chhatrapati Shivaji and Maharana Pratap. Here I’ll be saying a few things about the Mewar warrior, Maharana Pratap.

Pratap was the eldest son of Udai Singh II, the then king of Mewar. His reign was in the 16th century, a time when the Mughal Empire was at its peak in India. Since his childhood he was a dedicated learner and an obedient son who was even ready to give up his kingdom for his younger brother. For Pratap, his father’s orders meant more than anything else.

Around 1567, when Akbar was spreading his reign across the country, parts of Rajasthan were still under the rule of Udai Singh. Akbar attacked Chittorgarh and captured the fort, killing a lot of soldiers and destroying many temples in the process. Akbar’s plan was to fully capture Mewar and take all the small rulers under him. After the death of Udai Singh in 1572, Pratap was crowned as the king of Mewar. After becoming the king, Pratap first defeated the Rathors to ensure full protection of the entire Godwad and the Arawali ranges.

When it was clear that Pratap was not going to give up his kingdom, Akbar launched his first attack, the battle of Haldighati. It is said that for every 1 man in Pratap’s army, there were 10 Mughal soldiers. Even then under the leadership of Pratap, the Mughals weren’t able to make him surrender. Although Pratap’s army had to retreat and the fort of Gogunda was captured, only after some time it was recaptured by the Mewar king. To throw some light on what a great warrior Pratap was, here’s a picture.

During the encounter with Bahelol Khan, Pratap cut him along with his horse into two pieces in the battle of Haldighati.

It is worth mentioning that before the battle of Haldighati, most of Pratap’s ministers wanted him to surrender to the Mughals. It was only after his great speech and commitment that they fought with double the zeal and sacrificed their lives for the motherland. Here’s a part of that speech.

“My brave warrior brothers, our Motherland, this holy land of Mewar, is still under the clutches of the Mughals. Today, I take an oath in front of all of you that till Chittod is freed, I will not have food in gold and silver plates, will not sleep on a soft bed and will not stay in the palace; instead I will eat food on a leaf-platter, sleep on the floor and stay in a hut. I will also not shave till Chittod is freed. My brave warriors, I am sure that you will support me in every way sacrificing your mind, body and wealth till this oath is fulfilled.”

As you can see, Pratap wasn’t just a great warrior, he was a great orator and a skilled leader too.

After fighting relentlessly for 10 years, due to the vastness of the Mughal army and slowly decreasing amount of soldiers in his own, Pratap had to escape to jungles to keep himself free from the Mughal Clutches. He wandered in the jungles day and night with his family with practically nothing to eat and no resources at hand. Even after such severe conditions, Pratap never gave up. Only when there was no way out, a chieftain Bhamashah offered him monetary help to reform an army and fight back for Chittor. Even in the extreme conditions, Pratap had so many supporters that he built a whole army from scratch and fought back the Mughals. He launched an attack on Dever and won. After repeated small battles, Pratap was able to win back Mewar, although his wish to free Chittor remained unfulfilled.

Pratap died due to an injury he got while hunting a tiger in 1597. He remained unbeaten and free till his last breath and gave the Mughals a very hard time. He, along with his loyal horse Chetak who died saving Pratap in the Haldighati battle, has been immortalized in the songs and ballads of Rajasthan. No one can forget the great contribution of the Mewar king to the history of Rajasthan.

Some of the sources used to get my facts right:
Maharana Pratap -The Indian Warrior King.
Maharana Pratap – The Bravest of the Brave.

Do tell me if I missed anything, I’ll be happy to add/edit 🙂

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