Navigation. I cannot be more certain that the first thing that this word brought to your mind is GPS, or maps, the app that has been a pillar of support for so many of our new technologies. While apple maps continue to rule the world of tech when it comes to the number of people navigating through it, my personal experiences have mostly been with Google maps. But I won’t be talking about a specific app here, but the technology in general.

When I first heard about the all new Tata Zica and its cool and attractive navigation features, apart from developing my instant liking for the car, I kept thinking about my first few days when I moved to a new city. That’s the time I couldn’t afford a car (Not that I can right now either), and the rental cabs weren’t too popular. I still remember using maps in my phone for every small place I had to go to. And being a guy who’d lived in the same city for over 15 years before finally moving to a new one for the first time in his life, this was quite an experience for me. And I’m glad that it was a good one.

Using the navigation feature in my phone, I was able to travel anywhere in the city, find a perfect place to live, explore the best hangout joints and find everything I needed around me, may it be a restaurant or an ATM or even a police station… well… once. And today, when I look at it, I can only imagine the amazing levels at which this GPS technology is helping us. The impact of the navigation technology in this world is simply breathtaking. Have you ever travelled in a cab in the last one year, or ordered food online, or maybe some groceries? Trust me, the navigation feature embedded in every one of those apps had a big role to play while getting you or your stuff to the desired destination. Even if you aren’t the online ordering kind of person, I’m sure you watch the weather forecast or have travelled sometime in an Airplane. Well, that’s probably the biggest application this navigation feature could have, not to mention its necessity in the defense sector.

This would be the time when I tell you about the day to day use of navigation that we make, in the Tata Zica for instance, where you get a turn by turn guidance thanks to the awesome navigation feature. But I guess you already know that. So here’s to the amazing technology that is easing up our lives faster than we can imagine. And here’s to the great impact the navigation feature has had on all of us. Cheers!

This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can  apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.