What is happiness? It sounds like a question with no right or wrong answer. It’s different for everyone. While some people find happiness in gadgets and cars, some find it in the dinner they get after a long day of hard work… for some it may be the six our Indian cricket team captain hits in the final overs to win a game and for some it’s the smile they see on someone else’s face because of them. Happiness is the feeling you get when you know what happened was what you actually wanted from life. It can come from the smallest to the biggest things, it doesn’t depend on time or place, it just happens. Much like love, or as they say, love is happiness too.

As the prompt given by CocaCola asks about what simple things make you happy. Here’s what my answer to that is. I am not a very materialistic person, if someone gives me a gift, a small letter telling me how close we are will give me more happiness than a 100$ watch. I don’t need miracles to happen, I find happiness in the small joys life has to offer. I get happy when I manage to wake up before my alarm tells me to… I get happy when I can understand a code in the first go (Erm…. I am a software developer)… I get happy, nay, ecstatic when the plane lands in my hometown and I know I’ll be eating the food my mom made for me for the next few days/weeks. The night sky and those wandering stars make me happy… the small drops of rain and the amazing aroma of soil that comes when the first drop falls on it, that makes me happy. I feel amazed when I clear an exam or an interview that I really wanted to, but that should be common to every human being. But I also feel genuinely happy when I see one of my friends scoring a good rank (You have to agree that most people feel a little jealous too).

Happiness, for me, is something that cannot be forced. You can either feel it or not, you can’t try to be happy for something. If you can find happiness in the simple things life has, you will definitely have a better life than most others. Life is complicated, it’s a competition, a rat race as some put it. All of us are a part of that race and I believe it’s better to run with a content mind and a happy face rather than worrying about it every second. So find your happiness in everything. From the first ray of sunlight to the first sight of moon, from a healthy breakfast to a fulfilling lunch, from a kiss from your beloved to a hug with your best friend, from your favorite cold drink to an awesome game of football, from a drop of rain to the smell of roses. Happiness is everywhere, don’t search hard, let it come to you.

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